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Kamil Ferens, 2020-10-08

Why Poland is full of qualified Ruby on Rails developers?

We have no doubt that Poland is currently one of the most attractive markets in the world, where you can find qualified Ruby on Rails developers. Why is that? We answer for this question.

Cooperating with clients every day, we are looking at this trend with quite an interest. Polish developers are praised not only for their knowledge of this framework, but also for high standards of cooperation.

More and more geeks of RoR

The IT market is struggling around the world with the problem of demand exceeding supply with qualified specialists. Experienced and effective developers are constantly sought after. However in Poland there are quite a lot of them. We have noticed that more and more people are deciding to learn Ruby and its popular Ruby on Rails framework as they see it as a great prospect of development. The exchange of knowledge also comes in handy. The Ruby on Rails geeks community is extensive and appears to be a huge asset of this framework. This comes as quite helpful for developers, primarily when they need to solve a problem.

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In addition, the high competences of Polish Ruby programmers should be appreciated. They receive job offers from foreign companies a lot, but a really good situation on the Polish market makes them reluctant to go. In Poland, Ruby developers are truly appreciated. Companies guarantee high earnings and very good working conditions.


The quality of products created with Ruby on Rails by Polish developers is appreciated all over the world. It is said that RoR programmers in Poland are one of the most developed groups with very high competence and the reasons seem quite obvious. They can combine the capabilities of the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework, creating products based on such features as efficiency, functionality, time efficiency, application width and security. We must also add that Ruby on Rails is probably the best language that allows you to create a product based on MVP (Minimum Value Product) in a very short time. This is a very common solution used by many companies that regularly check and verify the value of their product on the market.


If we compare developers' earnings in Poland and other countries, we may notice a big difference. The earnings of a developer in Poland are even five times lower than in the US. These statistics look slightly better in the context of Europe. For instance, it is estimated that specialists in France earn twice as much as in Poland.

All this translates into the costs of implemented projects. If we look at the comparison between Poland and the US, we may easily understand why start-ups from Silicon Valley are looking for software houses in Europe, especially in Poland.

In general, one of the lowest hourly rates can be found in the CEE. The amounts reach around $ 40-60 per hour of work. In Western Europe, this amount can reach up to $ 100. It is even more expensive in the USA.

Average Global Software Development Rates:

Poland is a great place for outsourcing

Not only the high skills and a wide range of Ruby on Rails developers decide that Poland is perceived as a very good place to outsource. There are also many other benefits, such as cost savings, the ability to cooperate with a customer or ever-growing market. In particular, the first two factors are really crucial from the partner's perspective. Not only that by creating a product in Ruby on Rails you can be sure of quality and speed, but also software houses in Poland offer very good prices - much lower than in other countries of Western Europe.

Finally, we would like to draw attention to yet another important element - communication. An effective team of developers must be able to communicate effectively with the client to understand their needs and, as a result, create a product that coincides with the expectations. In fact, this is not a simple process at all. That is why it is so important for a software house to have effective cooperation rules, which are best, if confirmed by the recommendations of previous clients.

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