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Our story

Founding Team

Initially, Codest was a part of AdTaily company where it gained recognition for developing and launching a groundbreaking AdTech solution.

In 2009, their success attracted investment from Agora Group - one of the biggest media group in Poland.

Building upon their achievements, the talented developers at Codest went on to create another Adtech solution called “Yieldbird” - programmatic advertising and optimization software. This product has experienced significant success on the global market and was honored as a laureate of the prestigious Top25 Deloitte award.

In 2020, Greg and Jakub as managers at Codest executed an MBO from Agora Group, and created The Codest - an international software development company.

With their extensive experience in building successful products, digital transformation projects and also creating and managing a team of top-notch developers, The Codest founders possess invaluable insights into the challenges inherent in product development.

This know-how allows them to provide valuable advice to their clients, helping them avoid critical mistakes and optimize their ventures.

Let's discuss how our team can boost your IT delivery or help you to build impactful digital products.

years in the game

senior level devs at hand



The Codest core values


As a company with product-based DNA, we know the today’s technological challenges of many enterprises. Here is our market advantage and core area of advocacy for your business.


As The Codest we proactively advise the client using our work culture and proven methods, suggesting the best solutions and taking the initiative.

Continuous improvement

We continuously enhance our skills and share expertise within our team and with clients, aiming to boost our partners' daily work productivity through refined collaboration methods.


We manifest our passion for programming by creating code of the highest quality. The Codest crew is built by people who simply like their work.

Areas of expertise

Our culture is built for talented IT professionals

At The Codest, we aim to create an open-minded and ambitious environment for the growth of every employee.

Meet our team

The Codest takes part in projects all around the globe

During our 15+ year journey in the industry, we have been able to work with several partners from all around the world. We’ve cooperated with partners from over 15+ countries, creating top-notch digital products to help our client’s businesses grow.

Let's talk about your idea

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