Our story

Founding Team

Initially, Codest was a part of AdTaily company where it gained recognition for developing and launching a groundbreaking AdTech solution.

In 2009, their success attracted investment from Agora Group, further validating their capabilities.

Building upon their achievements, the talented developers at Codest went on to create another Adtech solution called “Yieldbird.” This product has experienced significant success on the global market and was honored as a laureate of the prestigious Top25 Deloitte award, solidifying Codest’s position as a leading player in the software development industry.

In 2020, Greg and Jakub as managers at Codest executed an MBO from Agora Group, which led to the establishment of The Codest - an international tech company focused on digital transformation services and consulting.

With their extensive experience in building successful products and digital transformation projects, The Codest founders possess invaluable insights into the challenges inherent in product development. This knowledge allows them to provide valuable advice to their clients, helping them avoid critical mistakes and optimize their own ventures.

Join us in our journey, as know-how and talents are our daily mantra

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The Codest core values


We want our clients to see a real tech partner in us, not just another software development company. For this reason, we are flexible and strive to adapt to the individual needs of the client.


We are the opposite of a passive team who only deals with tasks delivered by the client. Here at The Codest we prefer active involvement by advising, suggesting best solutions, and taking the initiative when needed.

Continuous improvement

We believe in constant improvement as we strive to become better and better each day. That is why we care about developing our skills and our organization as part of our long-term mission.


We manifest our passion for programming by creating code of the highest quality. The Codest crew consists of dedicated software engineers who aim at building top digital products with your team.

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise - As well-versed PHP, Java, Ruby, JavaScript and Python programmers we make the most of the technologies and frameworks available to create superior solutions that combine great quality with high performance.

Our culture is built for top-notch software development engineers

The Codest’s culture aims to create a motivational environment fueled by real mentors and innovative minds who strive to broaden their expertise and portfolio. We learn from each other, organize internal meetups and always face challenges together - because we are on the same team! 

Meet our team

The Codest developers take part in projects all around the globe

During our 10+ year journey in the industry, we have been able to work with several partners from all around the world.  We’ve cooperated with partners from over 15 countries, creating top-notch digital products to help our client’s businesses flourish. 

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