High demand for Ruby developers. Where is it worth finding real professionals?
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Kamil Ferens
Kamil Ferens
Head of Growth

High demand for Ruby developers. Where is it worth finding real professionals?

It is really hard to find qualified Ruby developers who are very experienced, have documented high skills or are a guarantee of the highest quality for building and developing products. In this article, I would like to share with you my personal tips concerning where and how to look for Ruby developers.

Why finding Ruby developers is a challenge nowadays?

According to Stack OverFlow, Ruby is currently on the 10th position given by the popularity of programming languages. It is obvious that it is definitely more difficult to find developers working in this technology than, for instance, with Python. But don't worry. The most important thing is to know where to search.

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to a cost-effective direction, while guaranteeing high quality services. I mean Europe. Why? If you are from the US, you probably know that the costs of employing a Ruby developer are very high. You have to take into account that the bids are even 4-5 times higher than in Europe. And what is crucial, Ruby developers from this region are well perceived. Among US companies, there is even a trend of outsourcing Ruby developers to Europe. This model works perfectly.

However, you won’t find Ruby developers quickly and efficiently in all European countries (considering costs and other important factors). This is because there are not many of them available on the market in such countries as Spain or France. I know this because I stay in touch with various companies from these countries and I know what the market looks like there. So, the conclusion is clear: Europe - yes, but you need to choose accurate location. And my tip for you is - check Poland.

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But why Poland?

Here are some facts that answer this question.

1. Business hub

The IT services market in Poland is valued at $6.8 million by 2020, with a growth rate of 5.9% CAGR. The software sector is expected to grow by 7.4% per year. This market is supported by foreign investments into software development.

Poland is located in the heart of Europe, so it is a convenient place when it comes to air connections. Also, not without significance is the time zone, which is convenient for companies from all over Europe, but also those from the US. American companies have been cooperating with Polish companies for years (not only software houses) and it can be said that the cooperation model has been developed. The time difference is not a problem due to the high standards of cooperation. So the location of Poland seems to be a big advantage.

2. Costs

When it comes to rates in Europe, the lowest can be usually found in CEE. The amounts reach around $40-60 per hour of work. Relative to Western Europe, there is a slight difference because there you have to pay about $100 for an hour of Ruby developer work.

Poland, as one of the largest representatives of CEE, looks attractive in terms of costs. I can only repeat my words that the rates in CEE are up to five times lower than in US. Nothing more to add.

3. Developer availability

There are over 250,000 programmers in Poland. This is an impressive number, isn’t it? And it will be still growing, believe me. The training system for new programmers works well in this country. There are many renowned universities in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan, which are recognized all over the world. In addition, the profession of a programmer in Poland, relative to other professions, is really well paid. This attracts more candidates.

Anyway, in the annual reports issued by HackerRank, Polish developers occupy top positions in terms of skills. Their work is appreciated all over the world.

Final words

The Ruby programming language is a recognized technology on the market. In such uncertain times, when companies are looking for proven and effective technological solutions, Ruby can gain importance and popularity. That is why it is worth making a reasonable choice and building an effective team of developers. I mean the one that will be able to create and develop the product of your dreams.

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