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The only way to go fast, is to go well.

Robert C. Martin, Clean Architecture
Rating: 4.7 / 5
15 reviews
I must admit that Codest provides us with qualified professionals who do their job without any complaints. Giedrius Rimkus, Engineering Manager at Kesko Senukai Digital

Giedrius Rimkus

Engineering Manager at Kesko Senukai Digital

They are honest, straight forward and solution oriented. The collaboration was fruitful as the CODEST team was able to produce a more optimized platform that increased sales and retention rates

Peter Muntenau

CEO at Yogobe

CODEST is flexible and communicative, making them a reliable and efficient partner. They consistently provide productive feedback to make the tool better, and the team proactively works toward project goals.

Emil Dobrasiewicz

Product Manager, Yieldbird

CODEST is a reliable partner, meeting project expectations and doing high-quality work. They’re extremely communicative and always make sure everyone’s on the same page. Unlike other firms, they don’t finish a project until they know it’ll be successful.

Greg Kubrakiewicz

CTO, Yieldbird

The solution followed wireframes and met the specifications. THE CODEST produces high-quality deliverables and their developers implement an excellent work ethic. They're effective communicators and transparent in their estimations. Professionalism and company culture are hallmarks of their work.

Jakub Krzych

CEO, Estimote, Inc.

\ The partner is happy with the deliverables and services. THE CODEST made themselves readily available and responded to needs as they arose. They addressed every little detail and found custom solutions that resolved the partner's demands. Professionalism is a hallmark of their work.

Julie Lacoppidan

Partner & Director, Min-Mave

The final version launched in 2017 and CODEST continues providing updates and bug fixes when requested. Since completion, the business has been able to monetize the archive. CODEST works efficiently and responsively. Customers can expect a team that delivers quality results in a timely manner.

Krzysztof Madejski

Director of IT, Gazeta Wyborcza

The collaboration with CODEST produced the affiliate network, and despite later issues with its stability and performance, it enabled the company to run its essential operations for several years. The team was always a great partner and now has more experience in the field.

Leszek Olszański

E-Commerce Director, Agora SA

THE CODEST’s developer made qualitative improvements to the client’s development process, showing great development skills. They were professional and proactive without being overly intrusive. They were also organized, available, and talented, providing the client with a positive experience.

Marco Iotti

CTO, CSO & Co-Founder, Mixfit Inc.

THE CODEST's augmented staff provides quality code while communicating in a satisfying manner. They use Slack to hold frequent updates. Overall, the client is impressed by their open-mindedness to their own team's experiences.

Romain M

Lead Developer, Fintech Company