Hiring Internal vs. External Developers
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Hiring Internal vs. External Developers

Hiring internally or externally? It's an ultimate dilemma! Find out advantages of outsourcing or building an in-house team in the following article.

Is it the right move to build your own in-house developer team, or maybe you should consider augmenting your company with external developers? Depending on your business, you often might face this dilemma. Both options have good as well as bad sides. Some companies decide to create their own team of developers in order to have a direct influence on them. On the other hand, some enterprises pick an external team of software developers to hire as an on-demand influx of experts.

To dispel all the possible doubts, it is vital to learn more about the possible cons of both options. Before we start, you might also want to discover ways to find Java developers to hire in one of our previous entries.

In the following article, we will dive into the major benefits that hiring external or internal developers can give.

Pros of outsourcing external developers

More room for taking care of your business

Let’s face it, managing a business is a tough and ongoing process that requires not only lots of effort and budget but also time. Taking care of a group of developers or handling the whole recruitment process can be time-consuming. Instead, you might want to try out team extension solutions as a quick and extemporary way to fix any lack of talent in your team. That way you’d be able to save up some time, enrich your team with external tech minds and invest your time in developing your business.

Larger talent pool

As you decide to use team extension services, you instantly gain access to the greatest minds in the selected software development company. It is definitely one of the quickest ways to get new software developers on board to support your project and fuel your in-house team with whatever technology the software house has to offer.

For instance, let’s imagine that you have a sudden urge to boost your team with Java developers. The whole recruiting process can take quite some time, taking into the account ongoing lack of developers on the market. Once you decide to hire Java developers from a trustworthy company, the whole onboarding process can be significantly shortened. What is more, nothing prevents you from outsourcing Java developers from the same company to other projects as the cooperation becomes fruitful.

More economical solutions for your business

Developing your technical team means sometimes spending horrendous amounts of money on software and hardware requirements. When you decide to expand your in-house team, you ought to provide new team members with a pleasant working environment.

Let’s suppose that you want to develop your team of Java developers. If your company does not allow remote work, you’ll have to expand the office, equip new workspaces and work hard to make things function smoothly. This decision can put a huge strain on your budget and may not work out well if the right steps aren’t taken.

Outsourcing software developers from reliable partners can actually help you save some money and still provide outstanding results of shaping your project with great tech minds. In that way, you’ll be able to invest more in other areas of your business and make it flourish.

Confirmed high quality of software developers

Using the right recruitment techniques and having experience in that matter allows you to scan the candidate pool and pick the best ones. As some companies might not have the most advanced HR processes when it comes to finding tech talents, you might want to start hiring external developers by looking for a trustworthy software developer outsourcing company. In that way, you will be able not only save up some time on recruitment but also be assured of top tech experts that constantly gain new experience and expertise thanks to participation projects and trainings.

This is how we function at The Codest. Our software developers gain experience in various projects and polish up their programming skills by taking part in different conferences and upskills. Our recruitment team knows how to find real code masters to enrich your team.

It is also worth underlining that in case of being unsatisfied with a software developer’s quality of work, you can swiftly finish the cooperation with a programmer and choose a new one.

Pros of building internal developer teams

More control over the process

Building your in-house software developer team means that you are in charge of everything. You can directly manage all the processes and have a huge influence on the final results. Depending on resources your company possesses, it can either be a win or lose case. If you already have experienced leaders and software developers, building or developing your product can be a piece of cake. On the other hand, a lack of talent on board can lead to unsatisfying results.

Building your team from scratch

If you decide to build your team in-house, you can basically build it from the ground up and have full control over which employees you decide to hire. Unless you also have well-developed recruitment processes for catching the best software developers, it can be a retrieving challenge to take up. What is also worth mentioning is that hiring software developers to join you for longer can help you in enriching your company with new structures.

Where to outsource from?

Nowadays, companies are in an immense need for tech talents to create their digital products and conquer the market. The ongoing shortage of tech talents on the market makes it even more challenging to bring so many innovative ideas alive. That is why it is crucial to be aware of countries that are more likely to offer well-skilled software developers to outsource.

Below you will find a handy map that could help you with an outsourcing hunt on Clutch while searching for the right alternatives for your team.

Number of companies offering IT staff augmentation services in Europe according to Clutch

europe map it staff argumentation services



As you make your way through finding the right outsourcing company to partner up with, you can be sure of the highly productive teams ready to use their years of experience and motivation to build a product of your dreams. This decision can not only fix your current predicament of fighting all the fires at the same time because of the lack of right experts on your team but also influence the success of your business.

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