The Codest’s US Expansion: 5 Things You Ought to Know
Michal Bulakowski

The Codest’s US Expansion: 5 Things You Ought to Know

The Codest has been present on US market for years now. What helped us to achieve that? Dive into the article below and find it out!

The United States is a leading country when it comes to the number of startups. Ideal business infrastructure and accessible funding are just a few reasons why 80% of small enterprises survive on the market longer than in other countries.

Fast-paced development demands a trusted tech partner with top-notch expertise and swift adaptation to dynamic processes. As a tech company with years of experience and 10+ US-based projects on our account, The Codest has significant expertise and knows how to create fruitful cooperation with our American partners.

As a code-driven company, we strive to support our clients in the future development of their products, applications and e-commerce platforms to create supreme results of our collaboration.

In short, The Codest equals to:

Cooperation with a top-level partner

Tech company that makes a great product.

The Codest’s US-based projects that might interest you

Our team has successfully delivered products, applications and e-commerce platforms that serve our clients and allow them to have prospering businesses. Here are a few of the projects completed by The Codest:

An online shop for a clothing brand

New York City-based lifestyle, media and clothing company that has evolved from a style blog to a popular line of boutique stores across the United States and a flourishing e-commerce platform. The collections of clothes and accessories offered by this brand are designed for women – they are popular among everyday fashionistas.

what we did: adding fixies, in-depth performance improvement, maintenance, integration with ReferralCandy, rebuilding the article’s side (adding new layouts)

used technologies: Nuxt, Contentful, Acelle, Shopify

An e-commerce platform for a zero-waste store

Eco-oriented store providing sustainable versions of everyday products. This brand is on a mission to support our planet by reducing individual waste and eliminating single-use plastics. They specialize in selling minimal and zero-waste packed articles for areas such as household, beauty, clothing and more.

what we did: adding SEO data, enhancing the tracking of Google with Facebook, adding subscription features

used technologies: React, Gatsby, GraphQL, Contentful, Nacell, Shopify, Vercel

An online store for a premium beauty brand

Prime cosmetics brand with premium products in their assortment. The platform allows users to take a quick quiz on their preferences to help them choose the right set of beauty products and make them feel their best.

what we did: migration from WordPress and WooCommerce to React, Shopify, Storyblok, adding CMS content like the Navbar, updating account pages and incorporating a Shopping Cart feature

used technologies: React, Next JS, GraphQL, Storyblok, Shopify, Vercel

There are a few factors that allowed us to satisfy our US-based partners:

Sourcing top talents

Small-scale companies tend to have limited resources in terms of recruitment. Often it might be a challenge to find highly qualified talents for a project in a short period of time, especially on the IT market. Driven tech recruiters and efficient hiring systems are some of the top necessities that allow you to find top-notch software developers.

At The Codest, we have created a versatile and fast recruitment process that allows us to find top candidates for a project in a short period of time. How does it work? After positive HR screening, our experienced developers conduct a technical call with a candidate where several skills and fields of expertise are tested. As our developers have delivered many great products, they know what competencies and predispositions define a high-profile software developer.

Results of our methods are reflected in our team – 90% of our developers are mid and senior-level.

Access to various technologies

Several projects can demand an extended tech stack for the furtherance of works and achievement of the best outcome. In some cases, the pressure to enroll a new developer with a specific coding background can appear out of the blue and slow down the development.

On occasion, you might also want to change the direction of the project and enrich it with a new technology. Those circumstances are common, that is why it might be a good choice to select a tech partner that offers a full array of experts with various programming skills.

We understand the importance of versatility in the tech world. That is why The Codest’s team consists of experts in the field of PHP, Java, Ruby, Python and JavaScript, with emphasis on frameworks such as Vue andReact. In that way, we are able to provide our clients with most technologies used today and find the right fit for their projects in a short time.

Creating future development opportunities

Constant improvements and development of the product are fundamental to keep the right position on the market. New trends and requirements created in the environment where your product is being used might demand direct actions – so you need a set of experts ASAP in order to successfully use new tendencies and take advantage of them.

We believe that long-term cooperations bring remarkable results. After some time we know your product like the back of our hand. It helps us remain aware of the directions in which the product could be developed and offer the right solutions using our know-how and years of experience. This is how we can help you build even better products, apps and e-commerce platforms.

Improved code quality

Apprehensions concerning code quality are often valid. Lots of software development companies try to cut their expenses by hiring low-level developers unequipped to work on a given product. The goal in this case is to deliver a product and meet the budget limits – it usually ends up being a failure and a drain on future investments if you want to rescue the product. A great idea for the product, app or platform is just half the battle. What matters is the manner of project execution and paying attention to the high quality of the code. That is why it is vital to look for tech partners that offer real code virtuosos for your project and invest in the best recruitment systems.

We strongly believe in the power of well-written code as in code we trust! Here are the 4 values that we live by to create high-quality code in our US-based projects:

us cooperation values table

High-quality software development is no longer an option but a necessity

Nowadays, the competitive market demands solutions that are well-suited and efficient. That is why more and more enterprises decide to start a cooperation with trusted tech partners. Such a decision allows the creation of a perfect product that offers future opportunities for development as well as reduces costs and time spent on finding the right fit for your project.

Most of all, starting your cooperation with a tech company brings convenience to every stage of your product's development, whether your venture has already come to life or is still just an idea.

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