The Codest Team

We are truly passionate engineers, product designers and entrepreneurs whose mission is to deliver scalable and efficient software solutions. That is why we genuinely care about high quality code, attractive design, accessibility and customer experience.

We are enthusiasts of coding. Our team consists of ambitious and experienced geeks who specialize in building web and mobile applications - mainly in Ruby and JavaScript technologies. We want to create products that will provide the market with a great value. It is possible thanks to taking care of the high-quality code and strong expertise in software projects

Tomasz Szkaradek

Head of development

At Codest, I’ve met true Ruby freaks. It's real fun to work with such a harmonious team. There is always someone to learn from, get help or get inspired. Together we create a very special crew


Ruby Developer

I like that everyone who works at Codest really has a heart to programming. We do it out of passion, thanks to which programming is not just our regular job. On top of that, we are developing very dynamically as a software development company which helps us to master our personal skills as well


JavaScript Developer

Our mission

We are here to help your company grow by delivering stable and easy to maintain digital products. We have over 10 years of experience in developing companies and products, and will be happy to use it in your project.

About organisation

Over the years, we have gathered and optimised the best practices and knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently cooperate with the clients.

How do we achieve it? Here you find some basic information that you should know about us.

We are die hard fans of developing projects in Agile way. In each project, we strive to implement the best IT practices that we have developed over the past years. We have crafted our own recruitment process to attract the best engineering talents to join our team.