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Nuno Barbosa

10 reasons why cooperating with a software house can be profitable

Have you ever faced the challenge of launching some web or mobile applications onto the market? If so, you probably needed the support of IT professionals and it is very likely that you had to ask yourself a common question: build an in-house team or cooperate with a software house? This is a really tough choice for each CTO or Tech Manager.

How may the cooperation with a software house be profitable?

The easiest way to answer this question is to say - it depends. It does depend on your needs, product challenges, business goals, budget size, and many other factors. However, if you are looking for comprehensive software development services, a very interesting option is to use the help of professionals, those you will undoubtedly find in a software house. It is best, of course, to find a proven software development agency, preferably one that has prior experience in developing a product similar to yours.

Why is a software house a good choice? I have prepared a short list of 10 most important profits resulting from the cooperation with a software house. I believe these are the top benefits:

  1. It is very hard to singlehandedly find good developers with deep tech skills that your project needs. If you find an effective software house, you will have the chance to cooperate with real professionals very soon.

  2. Establishing the cooperation with a software house is a good idea, even if you only need to consult a thing or two. You may not have enough technical knowledge to make good decisions for your business and a software house can help you with that.

  3. When creating your in-house team of programmers, you will face many challenges, in particular related to troublesome recruitment associated with high competition on the market. When cooperating with a software house, you simply avoid such problems.

software development agency

  1. Software houses provide comprehensive services. Product development often requires much broader competencies than just programming. In many cases, you will also need an experienced team of UX/UI designers able to build an intuitive and converting design. Professional software houses have such employees in their teams as well.

  2. Dealing with software development projects requires deep knowledge and experience. To avoid endless problems with insufficient realization of your requirements, you should focus on working with developers who guarantee high-quality code and, consequently, the reliability of built products.

  3. Working with a software house also generates financial benefits. A well-organized daily cooperation can save you a large chunk of your budget. From another perspective, the in-house team maintenance costs usually are much higher. You pay not only the developers' salaries, but also cover many benefits and incur holiday costs and sick leave expenses. When you work with a software house, you only pay for the number of hours each developer actually worked.

  4. You can start the cooperation with a software house on demand, any time you need their help. This is a very flexible solution, especially if your software development needs are not regular.

8. If you find a really effective software house, you will quickly notice how the work of the developers gains higher quality and your product becomes more attractive. The IT industry is changing dynamically; therefore, it is necessary to constantly exchange knowledge so the developers use the latest solutions. In a software house, it is done very smoothly, and the knowledge of particular technologies varies among developers.

  1. The richness of knowledge in a software house is directly linked to reducing the risk of project failure. You've probably read statistics about the high risk of software development projects. Even over 70% of them end in failure. Working with a software house significantly reduces this probability.

  2. When working with a software house, you have constant control over project progress. You don't have to worry about the communication aspect, either. If you find a high-quality software development company, I guarantee that this process will be organized in a way you find the most comfortable.

software house Poland

Where to look for a proven software house?

One of the most attractive markets in Europe is undoubtedly in Poland. This country stands out thanks to its price-to-performance ratio. Poland has many strong centers for developer education (Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Warsaw). Many companies from Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics and even the United States declare using the services of software houses from Poland. The developers working there are very well known worldwide.

I can recommend an article written by one of my colleagues from Codest. It describes the software houses in Poland in more detail. You can find it here.

A few summarizing words

This article presents my opinion on why the cooperation with a software house can be profitable for your business. Of course, I realize that probably not everyone is in favor of this solution and some prefer to build their own in-house teams. However, I believe that if you choose a good software house and precisely outline your requirements for the product to be built, you can rest assured that the outcome will satisfy you. You will get your money’s worth with a software house. It’s as simple as that.

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