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Stockholm, Sweden
Ruby development, Ruby on Rails development
yogobe application


Initially, the client has cooperated with other software development company but wasn't satisfied with the results. Given this fact, we faced challenges to improve code quality, solve problems with legacy code, and pay the technical debt as soon as possible to maintain the constant product growth.

After consultancy with the client’s Tech Lead, we have started the project with 2 Full Stack developers, and 1 backend engineer who has taken up the responsibility. In the near perspective, we also had to take over the further development of the web application.

Our approach

2 Full Stack Developers, 1 Backend Developer
Agile, Scrum (2 - weeks sprints)
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • GraphQL
  • AWS
  • Rest API
  • Sidekiq
  • Clickup
  • Slack


  • Time pressure
  • Struggling with poor code quality
  • Understanding and adjusting to the client's business needs


  • Improving the running of the service
  • Eliminated bugs and improving code quality
  • Delivered new product features
  • Accelerated the web application velocity
  • Reduced operations costs and increased revenue

Lessons learned

Choosing the senior software developers and not mid, turned out to be the key to project success because enabled us to push the project in a much faster way. The Codest team brought appropriate tech competencies to the project, which allowed to clear web application of bugs and unleash its potential. The client saw with his own eyes that it is worth investing in cooperation with senior developers who ensure appropriate skills and greatly accelerate the entire development.

Client opinion

  • Scheduling
  • Quality
  • Willing to refer
5,0 Overall rating
The collaboration was fruitful as The Codest team was able to produce a more optimized platform that increased sales and retention rates.
Peter Muntenau
CEO and CTO at Yogobe

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