An e-commerce company, operating online stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. They provide thousands of people with construction, household, electronics, interior, garden, and leisure goods to help them make their house into a home. Established in 2015, they have been announced to be best eshop by the technology and innovation festival LOGIN in 2016.

vilnius, lithuania
frontend + backend
Ruby development, Ruby on Rails development
ksd application


The client needed the support of an external software development company to boost the work of their internal team because of the lack of IT talents in Lithuania's domestic market.

They were looking for a team of developers with experience in both the e-commerce and fintech industries as the client struggled with e-shop development challenges in terms of improving payment systems.
We were entrusted with the development of several functionalities using the MVP method. Being in close cooperation with the in-house software developers team and Product Owner, we were looking for the most effective way to deliver entrusted challenges.

Our approach

3 Ruby Developers, 1 React Developer
Agile, Scrum (2-weeks sprints)
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • JS
  • React
  • Slack
  • Harvest


  • Facing up with MVP development obstacles.
  • Matching working flow to the client's internal software development team.
  • Struggled with time pressure and countless backlog tasks.


  • Build payment provider
  • Developed data anonymization tools
  • Created multi-language functionality
  • Integrated e-shop with Inbank payment provider
  • Improved software code quality
  • Increase in client satisfaction rates using their e-commerce services

Client opinion

  • Scheduling
  • Quality
  • Willing to refer
4.5 Overall rating
Their deliverables have received positive customer feedback for their quality. The Codest is an accountable partner who clearly communicates progress. They hit deadlines and estimates and provide useful feedback
Giedrius Rimkus
Head of Engineering at Kesko Senukai Digital

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