Project Management
Jakub Jakubowicz
Jakub Jakubowicz


Based on Agile principles the Scrum methodology is one of the most effective methods of IT project management. It allows to manage the work of the project team both effectively and efficiently. Due to a clearly defined methodology of actions, the aim of Scrum is to obtain the highest quality product in line with the client’s expectations.

What is it about?

The idea of using the Scrum structure at the process of project management is based on the agile implementation of both design process, its continuous optimization and adaptation to the needs of the team and the product. Such three features as transparency, adaptation and inspection (evaluation) are the main assumptions here. The project team is to understand completely the activities planned as Scrum provides high flexibility of operation and the possibility of changes that ultimately lead to optimization of work. The verification process of individual project elements by a person with appropriate qualifications is one of the most important elements. Thus, the risk of making a mistake is minimized.

How do we work?

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Creating an appropriate team with each one having a specific role is one of the project’s requirements. The Product Owner is responsible for making development decisions whilst planning and organizing of working time is the responsibility of the Development Team. And the Scrum Master is to supervise the proper operation of Scrum.

The project management process is divided into so-called “sprints”. All begins with a sprint planning, during which the Product Owner, basing on the client’s expectations, determines the features of the product to be created. Afterwards it comes to the task register and setting priorities for the team. The length of the sprint depends on the size of the project. As part of one sprint, the team implements and tests the functionalities, presenting the results to the Product Owner on a regular basis. Everyday short Scrum meetings are held to verify the progress of work. The sprint ends with a team meeting where the generated functionalities are verified.

What are the effects?

Using the Scrum methodology project management allows you to maintain the transparency of the product creation process, adjust the work mode to its needs and constantly monitor the running progress. All of that affects the increased chance of achieving the goals set, compatible with the client’s expectations. At Codest, we have been using Scrum for years, which is perfect for implementation of various IT projects.