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How to find the best team of JavaScript software developers?

According to SlashData's latest survey conducted among developers, JavaScript remains the most powerful and popular choice, winning over other programming languages such as Python and Java. JS is commonly used for building modern websites and interactive applications.

As a result, the demand for JavaScript software development teams has significantly increased. For years, hiring JavaScript developers was a challenging process for HR professionals as it was simply hard to spot any candidates.

I the opinion of Indeed survey, 86% of IT recruitment specialists find it challenging to discover and hire real technical talents. In this article, we will present some compelling data and share some words of advice on how to find and hire top JavaScript software developers

Why is JavaScript Software Development so Common?

As stated by Stack Overflow data, JavaScript has been defending its stronghold in the programming world for eight years in a row.  Let’s take a closer look at how this language stacks up against its all-time competitors – Java and Python – over the years.   

JavaScript popularity

After seeing the graph below, you might ask yourself how JavaScript stayed so popular for so many years? There are reasons for JS’s success, here are some of them


JavaScript offers many Frameworks available on the web market – ReactJS, AngularJS or NodeJS are just a few options to choose from. Using these can significantly reduce the amount of effort and time used for building JS-based sites and applications. What’s more, JS simplifies many challenging and complex processes which allows developers to create large-scale web applications much easier.

Another reason why JavaScript software development is so common is the possibility of conceptualizing software projects, which means that we can reuse the same technology for different purposes. This idea might come in handy especially for time-limited business ventures.

Convenient and Versatile

JavaScript has a pretty wide range of use options if compared to other languages. Developers can freely use JS to build front-end, back-end and even mobile applications. Some claim that it’s much less bulky and more dynamic in use than simple Java which allows programmers to work more efficiently. What’s more, JS users can implement pre-created templates and functions into their projects which can significantly reduce their worktime and positively influence the quality of the code.

Powerful and Fast-Growing Community

JavaScript can boast about its immense community of developers across the globe. Only on Gifthub there are over 975,490 respiratory results regarding JS. It creates a perfect environment for newbies as well as top JavaScript software developers where both sides can learn from each other. The high activity on platforms such as the previously mentioned GitHub indicates how immense is the amount of valuable information that can be found in the abyss of the Internet and how popular JS really is.

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How Important Is it to Have Professional JavaScript Software Developers in the Team?

The tech world develops at a fast pace and so do your competitors on the market. Deadlines and flawlessness of the code are crucial in order to function well. Hiring JavaScript software developers with good experience is an investment that will not only speed up most of the processes but also have a huge impact on the company's fully digitalized future. Here are some of the biggest advantages of having real JS professionals on board:

  • Neat and clean code is the base of every software development project. The more experienced developers you hire, the faster and better your project will turn out. As a result, your team becomes much more efficient,
  • The quality of your product will undoubtedly depend on the expertise of your JavaScript software development team. As mentioned earlier, JS veterans will boost the process of your product creation by simply making less mistakes thanks to their own experiences from previous projects. Naturally, there are also young programmers on the market who can also be a perfect addition to your team, but it is still worth keeping in mind the possible risks.

Where to Find a JavaScript Software Development Team?

Due to the global pandemic, outsourcing and collaborating with foreign service providers has become a popular solution. This idea can be truly beneficial when it comes to hiring JavaScript software development teams. So where can you find top software development teams? Check the map below.

software development professionals

Undoubtedly, Europe is becoming a new cradle of tech services. Reduced costs and well-versed specialists are just a few reasons why clients from around the world choose this continent for outsourcing.  For years now we can see tendencies where clients choose central and eastern countries for cooperation. There are a few reasons behind those decisions.

The cost of services can be significantly lowered if compare Polish prices in countries like France. Besides the financial benefits, there are also different advantages that Central Europe has to offer – like perfect time zones! For instance, Poland is in the same time belt as France and Germany and there is only an hour difference between Poland and the UK. The location in the middle allows those countries to cooperate with their partners in Asia, Australia and the US during their usual working hours. 

What is the Cost of Hiring JavaScript Software Developers?

The cost of hiring a JS programmer depends on the continent and the country. As the whole research might give you a headache, here are the most crucial statistics you might want to check before hiring JavaScript software developers.

The Average Cost of Software Development Services

Software development cost

Depending on the country you will stumble upon several different hourly rates of software developers. Here is a helpful rundown that you might want to take a look at before starting the search for a perfect software development team.

Software development hourly rate

Do You Need to Hire a JavaScript Software Development Team or Build One?

Hiring a JavaScript software development team for your projects can be a long process, especially if you are looking for local specialists in Western Europe or in the United States. It might be a time-consuming endeavor to find suitable candidates for your team.

Fortunately, there are always some innovative solutions you can implement, such as hiring offshore programming specialists. In that case, you can cut the expenses and still rely on professional services. If you are looking for top JavaScript software developers in Poland to outsource, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a free consulting session!

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