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Highest quality code in your SaaS project. Why should you care about it as a (non-technical) founder?

We are launching a SaaS report dedicated to the whole SaaS market. It is a useful pill of knowledge for the non-technical founders who are struggling with many challenges, especially the technological ones. Check out the report and make sure to eliminate common mistakes that can hurt your business.

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Do you need a Project Manager in software development project?

Project Manager in software development project - do you need such specialist? It seems to be a common dillema.

Project Management

What are the TOP CTOs and CIOs challenges in 2021?

The new year always brings new goals and challenges that need to be met by engineering teams led by CIOs and CTOs. On top of that, last year was an extremely difficult time for many businesses and industries due to COVID-19 that has irreversibly changed the “game” rules. It has influenced many businesses and individuals in our tech world, but being an optimist by heart who always looks at the bright side of life, I truly hope that the worst is already behind us.


TOP 10 UI/UX Trends in 2021

Each year brings a bunch of new trends in designing things. Some of them come and go, some stay longer and others fade away after one year to appear again a couple of years later. An example here can be Material Design which made its debut in 2014 and it’s visible again in 2021. By the way, this case was not only a trend but a whole design system, which is why designers liked it so much. On the other hand, 2019 showed interest in isometric styles of illustrations and now it seems like they made room for new styles. Personally, I still love this type of 3D graphics.

UI design

Custom software development. A short story about brand waves

One of things that made us confused when we were building our new website were morphed waves which you can see in different places on the pages. We had many ideas on how to implement them the right way without big effort. However, most of the solutions were slow and we had to build from scratch something that would be faster than already existing libraries.

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TheCodestReview #5 - bi-weekly software engineering juice

This episode was planned for publishing in December before Christmas break so it looks like I’m the bottleneck who is to blame for the delay. I have kept delaying the publication week by week as a few high priority tasks got in the way, but today is THE day.

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Ruby 3.0. Ruby and lesser known privacy control methods

One of the most beloved features of Ruby is its very flexible syntax. Personally, I love Ruby for how many possibilities we have in defining classes and their properties, and this is what I will discuss in this article.

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Shut up and take your money #1: Hidden costs and real agility in product development process

Chasing unicorns is a damn expensive hobby. Every year, startups eat up billions so that only one out of tens or hundreds can profit in millions. Founders and product owners raise money from investors and sacrifice their independence to conquer the market faster. Ultimately, however, they don't raise enough funds most of the time. Maybe it was right to say "shut up and take your money" at the right moment?

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CTO challenges – scale-up and growth of software products

The CTO’s duties are diverse, aren’t they? Primary, it is about being in charge of technological needs as well as research and development (R&D) of the organization. However, in some cases, the CTOs have to face some other extra demanding challenges. One of them is efficient management of scaling up of software products.

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A hard(ware) nut to crack – a few words about hardware product development

Managing a hardware project is not a simple task. Because of the huge unpredictability of the process as well as expensive ad hoc changes, reality often looks disappointing if compared to expectations. Especially if there are no qualified people on board. Creating such a product requires advanced knowledge in the field of engineering, software, business and even human anatomy (if that product is to be worn by people).


Which DB to choose for your specific data type in your software project

Creating a new project includes choosing the right database to store your data. Many developers that I know choose the relational database by default from the beginning. But is it the best decision? Of course, it depends on many factors. In this article, I would like to introduce you to other types of databases to make your choices easier and help you be prepared in your future endeavors.

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The Codest’s rebranding process. How did we deliver a new brand following an MVP approach?

Some time ago, we boasted about the new opening for The Codest. We carried out an intensive rebranding process and presented it to the world a few days ago. It was a busy time, full of challenges and arduous work of our entire team. But we made it happen! Now we would like to share the details of the whole process with you.