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Monika Krupa, 2021-04-21

7 Reasons Why Your Online Shop Needs Magento

Magento has stolen the hearts of thousands of e-commerce business owners across the globe. Customization and endless opportunities for growth are just a few reasons worth mentioning. But what exactly is it? Magento is an open-source platform, which allows programmers to create e-commerce websites tailored to customers' needs. Perfect examples of Magento users are companies such as Ford or Samsung.

Wanna become a big player on the market? Here are the TOP 7 reasons why you should choose Magento.


Nowadays, the Internet is filled with similar online businesses. That is why catching the attention of your potential clients might be a struggle. Magento is perfectly optimized for SEO - it includes features such as sitemaps, OG tags, descriptions, positioning layer, etc. which allow your website to rank higher. What does that mean for your business? A better position in SERP can contribute to generating more leads.

What's more, Magento works incredibly fast compared to other e-commerce platforms. This factor plays a vital role in terms of both SEO and user experience. The faster your online shop loads, the more likely it is to be shown at the top of SERP.

Multistore feature

The main highlight of Magento emphasized by most e-commerce specialists is definitely the multi-store feature. Imagine you manage a few stores at once: With Magento, you are able to take care of billing, customer information, and product management by using a single dashboard.

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One of the greater reasons to try out Magento is flexibility. It is an open-source e-commerce platform, so you can customize it and use add-ons that will ultimately help you adjust the storefront to your customer's needs.

This e-commerce platform is the most beneficial choice, especially while working with a trusted Magento developer. The right collaboration will assure you of the best tech solutions and make your site more customer-friendly.


We live in a smartphone era. Companies constantly launch smarter and better phones. We don't use them just to make calls or search for information. Nowadays, purchases made from mobile traffic are a huge part of an e-commerce store's revenue. Undoubtedly, this trend is likely to grow. That is why all online shop owners should look for solutions that will provide their platforms with the most mobile-friendly solutions.

Here is where Magento comes to the rescue! As an operating system with a responsive design, it renders well on various devices, with different screen sizes. That means that all of your clients can flawlessly scroll through your website and comfortably pursue their shopping hunt from smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Perfect Marketing Tools

Magento offers many marketing options which commonly pose a dilemma in selling solutions. This e-commerce platform is fully integrated with up- and cross-selling tools which can ultimately boost your revenue.

What's more, Magento is loaded with marketing automation features, such as Google Analytics integration, customer segmentation, and new-item promotion tools. Using these can significantly improve your marketing strategy and make it more scalable.


Let's be honest: cybersecurity is crucial to gain your client's trust. You definitely don't want your customer's data to get stolen. Take a close inspection while choosing an e-commerce platform for your online store. In the case of Magento, the highest level of security is guaranteed.

How does it work? It includes security must-haves, such as PCI compliance or SSL certificate. Besides that, Magento own security centers so they can provide their clients with all the needed information and assure them of top security/support as quickly as possible.

What's more, this platform enables you to use many useful built-in features within the app. In that way, you don't need to look for outside extensions which might give you unpleasant surprises.


As your fruitful business continues to grow, you might want to branch out to foreign markets. Magento includes multi-currency extensions which simplify the whole process. In that way, all your new customers from other countries can view the prices in their national currencies.

Appealing storefront design and amazing products are just half of the success in striving for your business excellence. Surely, multi-currency might be one of the most under-appreciated ways to gain the client's trust. This is why making sure that your potential clients see the products with pricing in their own currency is a must-have for every successful and growing online store.

To Sum Up

The e-commerce market is developing at an astonishing pace and this tendency is very likely to continue. We can foresee that more and more stores will need to make technological advancements in order to keep up with the customer's needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Magento can be a great choice for both aspiring e-commerce giants and small online business owners who seek flexibility and innovation. If the reasons above sound compelling, don't hesitate to transform your store into a real e-commerce empire, using Magento!

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