The Codest digital products

We care about the highest quality of product development from the concept stage until the robust final product. Our secret formula is built on the following eight pillars. Discover them and see how you can ship your product onto the market together with our product designers and software development team.

  1. Research

    Addressing the needs starts with defining and articulating them clearly. Sometimes our clients know exactly what they look for while other times we need to suggest the solutions and ideal cooperation model by assessing the current state. In some cases, we begin with a short consulting assignment before moving on to a full-scope project engagement. The Codest carries out market research in order to select the best solutions for you at a later stage of product development and scaling up.

  2. Requirements

    The purpose of the requirement analysis is to create a general outline of the project, establish a roadmap to be followed through implementation, and, if possible, identify the tools to be used. There is no simple recipe for requirement analysis. It all depends on the project, the current technological situation, the requirements, and the availability of people for whom the project is to be implemented.

  3. Strategy

    To have a 360 degrees project view, it is crucial to let the project team members get to know each other and discuss the desired model of work, methodology, communication method, roles and responsibilities. Most often our partners in those discussions are CTOs, Engineering Managers or CPOs who drive the product development pipeline. Once we reach clarity on all major subjects, we are ready to start lining up the project team.

  4. Design

    Our engineering team enjoys being challenged with difficult tasks, proving them deliverable in a timely fashion. For the beginning of every successful long term cooperation, we always aim to showcase our standards and quality of work with the trial projects. Usually, we establish certain milestones and benchmarks at the project launch that are reviewed with the client’s team along the way as checkpoints.

    At this stage, we take care of product design and software development. The Codest team customizes an application to meet modern trends and make it UX optimized. We strive to create a design that will wow users and build reliable and stable software. Our ultimate mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals.

  5. Delivery

    An intensive work of the product designers and software developers team ends with delivering the final iteration of the product to the client. We implement our projects in accordance with the Agile approach, which gives us the greatest efficiency and ensures that we have every stage of the product development cycle under control. Following this path, we provide our clients with ready-made solutions on the agreed schedule.

  6. Launch

    The client ships a ready to use product onto the market. Very often it is a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that means a product with vital features that enable launching it, collecting feedback from the market and drawing valuable conclusions for further development. By building MVP, we are able to provide the client with the expected solutions in a relatively short time. It is also a highly cost efficient method.

  7. Scale up

    After launching the product, it usually requires constant development and scaling. This approach is in line with the MVP model as well. The Codest team cares about improving your product, building new functionalities and improving the current features. Like a gardener helps the plant grow, using our experience and knowledge, we help you make key decisions to grow your product.

  8. Support

    The Codest team is your support at every stage of product development. We help, advise and consult. You don't have to be afraid of important and often tough decisions. Our professionals advise on the best technology solutions, help create great UX design and point out potential risk factors and business opportunities. Whatever it takes to build a product that will conquer the market. Let’s do it together!