Our code

We work according to our rules and truly believe that this is the best way to be successful. It doesn’t mean we are not elastic or not adjustable - our rules are the backbone we follow to stay transparent and predictable. There are only two main rules.
Care about product

Care about product

Over the years, we have developed an effective framework for building digital products. From bare metal to the final UX/UI design. Everything for the sake of the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction.

How we work on digital products
Deliver in high quality

Deliver in high quality

If you are interested in the technical aspects of our work - how we care about the quality of the code, why we do it and how we build software step by step, be sure to take a sneak peek at our secret sauce.

How we work on technical solutions
  • A Customer first approach

    You know this sentence perfectly, right? For some, it may be a slogan or cliché, but for us it is one of the most important rules. By conducting software projects for global clients, we strive to ensure our cooperation is harmonious and efficient to make the clients happy and contribute to their business development. We are able to do it taking care of customer comfort and satisfaction.

  • Flexibility

    We do not have any rigid standards of cooperation. We approach each client, product or software individually. We adjust our work to a specific case. To achieve all the settled goals, taking care of quality and making our work effective.

  • Partnership relations

    We strongly believe that this is another important rule in cooperation with clients. We want to work hand in hand and call ourselves ‘partners’. That is why we do not create artificial barriers, we are open and always ready to help and answer bothering questions. In one word - The Codest team wants to provide software development services that we would like to receive ourselves.

  • Trust and reliability

    Without it, it is impossible to create a product that will conquer the market, create awesome design or build robust software. At The Codest, we treat each other as partners, we trust each other, because we know that we work in a group of high class developers and designers - a pack of professionals. We always implement the same approach when working with our clients.