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Why outsourcing might be better than direct hiring?

Increasing importance of the IT industry for business development has initiated a growing trend of outsourcing IT processes. Investing in an in-house team of qualified employees usually becomes unprofitable for companies.

Though cost-effectiveness is a considerable advantage of outsourcing over in-house, it’s not the single benefit. Based on our experience on the market, we share with thoughts on the benefits of IT outsourcing.

High quality

The IT industry is so demanding for its specialists, that they must be highly competent and have a constant access to the latest knowledge. Considering IT outsourcing, you may rest assured that software houses employ the best. That is due to the high quality services they provide. Software houses have extensive teams that are run by experienced project leaders. You shouldn’t worry about punctuality as projects are carried out within the prescribed time. In case of an in-house solution, you cannot always be so confident in it.

Saving costs

What is usually associated with the creating process of your own IT in-house team is the need to invest in a qualified employee. Specialist on the market are of high demand, so the cost of hiring a professional worker has recently dramatically increased. In addition, it is necessary to ensure their development. If the purchase of appropriate equipment is to be added, we can see that the value of acquiring a specialist soars quite high. And this is not the end. One employee is usually not enough. As a rule, much larger team is required to implement IT projects.


Ordering specific IT projects to an external company is simply a convenient thing to do. You can focus on other tasks and entrust IT cases to the specialists. When you are running your own in-house team, you have to control all processes in person. In case of cooperating with software house all the questions are answered and solved without any problems. It should be remembered that creating your own in-house team requires time commitment of HR departments, which do not always have the appropriate specialist base allowing them to find a really good specialist.

Minimizing the risk

Software houses are made up of experienced developers, which guarantees the effectiveness. They work on many projects on the daily basis and thanks to this the necessary experience is gained. The extensive teams of specialists can also be a guarantee of both knowledge exchange and access to the newest technology. Therefore, IT outsourcing reduces the risk of project failure to a minimum.

Short case study

Differences between IT outsourcing and in-house will be best illustrated by a simple example. If you are running a dynamically growing company, you have a need to develop your product and you will have to start development work in a relatively short time. To achieve the best effect, specialists will help you. That is why the question arises - where to find them?

Of course, you can take on the challenge of quick recruitment of developers. However, you must bear in mind that such an experienced employee is very difficult to find. And that is only the first worrying thing to know. The next is that you do not have the appropriate competence to verify their work and have control over the development of the product. In a situation like that it’s easy to make mistakes and face the risk of failure.

On the other hand, even if you have a team of developers, they are very likely to become inefficient in case you outsource further responsibilities. That's why you'll need more hands to work again. Also, you should take into account that IT projects are a piece of a very specific work. Sometimes solving problems requires teamwork and exchange of experiences. As you can see, problems related to the organization of a house team can be really challenging.  So why not consider outsourcing?

In this case, the whole process is much simpler. All you have to do is select a proper software house and set all the details of work. If you make the right choice of your future partner, you will not only be able to count on high quality of services, but also on substantive help. In addition, you will both save time and keep up-to-date with the development of your product.

Basically, there are more advantages to add. The pros mentioned in this article are just a few of the most important ones. Personally, I have no doubt that in the case of IT projects outsourcing is an effective solution that has recently dominated the market.