Why is Ruby Language a Good Choice?
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Jakub Jakubowicz
Jakub Jakubowicz

Why is Ruby Language a Good Choice?

The Ruby Programming language along with its most popular Ruby on Rails framework have recently gained popularity. More and more developers around the world are choosing this language to work with due to its effectiveness and level of customers’ satisfaction.

Ruby was created on the basis of the other programming languages such as Perl, Eiffel and Smalltak. The goal was to extract all the best features and combine them into a single whole. The perception of everything as an object, even primitive types, is the main characteristic of the language. In this regard, it definitely stands out from the other ones. In combination with the Ruby on Rails framework, Ruby Programming is a perfect tool to create web applications.Such applications as Twitter, Basecamp and Groupon have been created by means of Ruby on Rails. Basing on years of cooperation with the clients, experienced developers from Codest are willing to show a number of the Ruby language advantages.

Saving time

Using the newest programming tools both Ruby and Ruby on Rails affect the time efficiency of the implemented project. Whilst creating a web application, its first functionalities can be obtained much faster and with much less effort in comparison to other programming languages. Therefore, an application development progress, especially at the initial stage, is much larger.


Ruby is a programming language that pays attention to quality. Developers write numerous tests, which means that the software has fewer errors. In this way you won’t have to waste time on any additional amendments. Thus you’ll be able to focus on the further software development.

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Flexibility is another feature to be mentioned. Ruby does not limit a programmer giving them a possibility to modify or delete a code at any time. In case the client asks you to change a given functionality, the task can be achieved in a relatively short time. In addition to this, Ruby on Rails can instantly add the selected plugin and expand the application with new options.


In connection with the Ruby on Rails framework, Ruby provides mechanisms that affect application security - a built-in protection against XSS, CSRF and SQL Injection attacks, which are considered to be one of the most notorious attacks on web applications.

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The Ruby Programming language along with its Ruby on Rails framework guarantees high quality of creating programs and web applications. The largest brands in the world develop their products using these tools as they provide high quality and reliability.

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