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Jakub, 2019-12-30

What have you read mostly about in 2019? Check out the most popular articles at Codest's blog!

2019 year was marked by sharing valuable content with you. Note - in this period we have published 177 articles and shared with you. We wrote on various topics. First of all, software development, but there were also topics related to project management, design, technology news and startups.

If you missed something and would like to know our most readable articles - don't hesitate to check our summary. We've created a list of 10 best articles that aroused the highest attention among our readers.

1. Looking for a software house in Poland? Do not do this. Polish developers are still living in the past

“Communism has not really ended in Poland! The country is still in the backwater. Nobody knows about Polish developers as their programming skills are probably very low. Software houses hardly grow. And the prices? They are so downgraded that the quality of their services must be at an extremely poor level. In short, give up your thoughts about Poland. It is not trendy.”

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2. How to build a comprehensive product from idea to MVP?

“Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an approach in product development, which we strongly appreciate and recommend to our clients. Recently, we have been working on one MVP, which brought us lots of experience that I would like to share with you. This is a really valuable lesson showing how to build a comprehensive product from an initial idea to the MVP development.”

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3. Proptech. A fast developing industry. Why is it worth to keep an eye on it?

“Proptech is a fast and dynamically growing industry that attracts more and more the attention of startups and investors around the world. We could say that it is revolutionizing the real estate market. Proptech offers innovative technological solutions that bring industries to a new and better level while increasing revenues.”

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4. Testing JavaScript... with Ruby?!

"While Codest is primarily a Ruby shop, one of the many projects we are building is in JavaScript. It is a client-side library, which runs in a pretty challenging environment: it has to support pretty much every browser in existence, including very old ones, and to top it off it interacts with a gaggle of external scripts and services. It is tons of fun."

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5. EU tech companies are growing fast, but the US still hold the leading position on the market

"Though in terms of value the tech companies market in Europe is still much behind the one in the US, it is undoubtedly an attractive place for development of new startups. In 2018, we witnessed a record amount of investments in Europe that was up to $23 billions. Does this mean that Europe is chasing the US market?."

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6. How to prepare a great redesign concept? Yellow Pages case study

“Have you ever wondered how to prepare a great concept redesign? We can help you with this. In this article, we will give an example of a redesign creating process. We will use our case study from Yellow Pages and present the stages that our UI/UX designers have come through by preparing the redesign of Yellow Pages.”

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7. Baltic market. A great place with a big potential to launch your business

“Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the countries, where entrepreneurship is thriving.  A lot of sectors are widely developed – including the e-commerce industry. The success of such brands as Taxify or KS Digital can only confirm a really huge potential of this market.”

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8. GraphQL: lessons learned in production

“It is 2019. Your team increasingly leans towards building single page applications, or at least including rich components within regular multi-page applications. GraphQL is over two years old now, which by JavaScript ecosystem standards could be considered mature. We were feeling a little adventurous, so we forewent the usual JSON APIs and dove right in – here’s what we learned.”

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9. Is Berlin becoming a new Europe’s Silicon Valley for tech startups?

“Everything indicates that we are witnessing a revolution on the startup market in Europe. The dynamically growing market in Berlin is becoming a leader among tech startups. Until now, this title was awarded to London, but currently the capital of Germany is increasingly recognised as the new Europe’s Silicon Valley.”

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10. Custom projects and outsourcing. The ways to cooperate with software houses

“If you have ever considered using a software house’s services, you probably wondered what the process of cooperation between your company (customer) and the software house looks like. Most companies from the technology industry use a similar model of cooperation. Most often we talk about custom projects – developing an idea from scratch – or outsourcing.”

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