Jakub Czosnyka, 2020-12-01

Time for The Codest! Our crazy rebranding story

Here we are – The Codest! We have been rebranded – it was months of hard work for the whole team, from analysis, to concept, to the tedious development process. But we made it happen. We are pleased to present to you The Codest! Our software development company opens a new chapter. Fully satisfied with the results, we want to share our crazy story with you.

Why did we rebrand?

Rebranding is always a new opening in a sense, also for us. We have been on the software development market since 2009, a long time that flew by very quickly. After more than 10 years of activity, it is really good to introduce some changes. 

The last year was crazy for our company, with a lot of changes and us growing as an organization. So, we decided it was the time to rebrand, to show the whole world the real value of our great team creating digital products.

We decided that we want to stand out on the difficult market of software development. We never really thought we were just another software development company, it didn’t really crossed our minds. But...

Do you know that, according to research, an average person is exposed to 5,000 brand messages every day? How do you act so as no to fall into one bag with all the others? How to show that we are a harmonious pack of developers and product designers? How to prove that we know our job and have extensive experience? How do we know that customers appreciate our services?

Finding those answers is our challenge and we want to implement them in the course of the current rebranding. If you found this article – we are very happy to make your acquaintance. We hope you can read more about The Codest, our goals, values and the new opening!

Our brand story in a pill

I have already mentioned the need for changes. It is high time for a "reopening", considering our rich history full of changes. If I were to create an outline of our expansion, it would look something like this:

  1. Our beginnings. We start out similarly to "Adtaily". We are still a small group of programmers from Krakow that specialize in adtech solutions.
  2. The beginning was not be easy, but we felt that we were doing well. We were the technological support of Yielbdird – one of the biggest programmatic monetization company in Europe. We built a strong position on the market.
  3. This is how Codest was born. We boosted Yieldbird’s position on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list that recognizes the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). It was our joint success. Nevertheless, we decided that this was just a prelude to our story.
  4. We were a part of the Agora Group, the biggest Polish media company. Codest developed as a software development company specializing in building custom digital products for fintech, adtech, e-commerce, proptech or SaaS. We acquired clients from all over Europe. But our story did not end there ...
  5. The year 2020 was full of changes at Codest. We have decided to disconnect from Agora's corporate structures and start our fully self-reliant operations. We wanted to use the experience of over 10 years, gain full independence, create great IT solutions with the team and have the greatest fun while doing so!

This is how we got to the new opening. Let us reintroduce ourselves – we’re The Codest. Why The Codest, not just Codest? Because we strive to create The Best Code, our greatest asset. As CEO of The Codest, I would like to emphasize that I am very happy with the changes that we can present. We have ambitious plans, a great team and values that help us achieve the most difficult goals.

The Codest values

We work according to our own beliefs and values. Those 10 years of experience on the software development market allowed us to develop the most important values that facilitate effective work. We also know that this approach makes our clients happy.


Our passion for programming manifests itself in the care for the highest quality code. We want to create amazing products, so there is no place for cutting corners. Our team gets the job done in the best possible style so we can add some value to our clients’ plans and help their businesses grow. There is nothing better than satisfied customers and employees. 


We don't want to be a passive team that deals only with a specific set of tasks delivered by the client. This is not in our nature. We prefer active involvement by advising, suggesting the best solutions and taking the initiative when necessary. We form a committed and perfectly synchronized team that brings real value to each business we are partnered with.


Why partnership? Because we want our clients to see in us a real and friendly tech partner on a daily basis, not just any software development company that is handling just another project delivery. We are flexible and we strive to adapt to the individual needs of each client.


With open and frank communication, we achieve reliability from the very beginning of our cooperation. This is how we build partner relationships based on trust and transparency. 


We work in accordance with the best practices in developing IT projects. We are Agile advocates who strongly believe that an Agile approach gives us the greatest efficiency. Want to find out more?


We form a well-coordinated and committed team who understands the client's key needs and challenges, both on business and technical levels. This allows us to tackle each project with the greatest care and attention to details.

In Code We Trust. Our ambitions and goals

If The Codest were compared to a car brand, it would be BMW, Volvo or Audi. We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable, and this needs to be based on the quality, reliability and design of the solutions provided. People should know that their project is in good hands and we're real professionals in our domain. 

Underneath all of this is the word "quality". Code quality, software quality, service quality ... This is our corporate credo and, at the same time, our goal. We believe that thanks to high-quality code, we create great things and positively influence the development of our clients' businesses. Therefore, as we care about code quality, we pay the utmost attention to the technical approach. Here are our main rules:


Typing in code helps us keep our data models in strict form. Consequently, the code consistent and it is possible to quickly pinpoint various errors and inaccuracies before running the code. It makes code writing much more efficient.


Good code should work quickly and use the best possible algorithms and data structures so that the application is fast and consumes as little resources as possible. The optimality of each application is also evidenced by, for example, the selection of external libraries in such a way that they fit the requirements of a specific application.


A scalable code is one that allows you to maintain a specific architecture for both light and heavy-load traffic. The responses of a scalable application are reliable and stable, whether the application is used by 10 or 10,000 people.


Documentation allows us to clearly convey the intentions of specific methods, classes and variables. A well-prepared description of the code in the documentation should highlight how it works so that the developer does not have to analyze the source code at each go.

Let’s make it down crazy road together!

Several months of rebranding work has brought us to this point. We are happy to share with you the new opening of The Codest. To wrap things up, we have prepared a short video for you, something like the intro for our rebranding. We hope you like it :)

The Codest promo