Who is the tech leader in software development projects?
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Who is the tech leader in software development projects?

The role of the leader in software projects is particularly important. It is largely the project's success that determines it. The leader must be characterized by special features.

They should be an example to others and show up in difficult situations. We chose the five most important features that every tech leader in software development projects must have.

A leader has charisma

Charisma is one of the key features of a true tech leader. This is a trait that makes people want to follow the vision set by the tech leader, trust them and count on their opinions. Team members believe in the leader’s strength and are sure that with the right guidance they can become a success.

Charisma is not a trait everyone has. It is something that is difficult to develop independently. However, not every tech leader must be charismatic to be effective. It all depends on the type of project that is carried out. However, if you deal with a larger project, work with many people, charisma may be a necessary element at its various stages.

Tip: Be confident, but not conceited. From the beginning, set clear rules for cooperation. Show others that you are a leader and they can always count on you. Also, remember that your colleagues understand and trust your vision.

A leader gives an example and inspires

If you want to have authority among your subordinates, you must be an example to them. A model that everyone would like to follow. It is your behavior that should represent the most important project values. Do you require a lot from your team members? In that case, demand more from yourself! Then you will make people want to follow you.

Tip: Be an example. Do not be late for work. Do not abuse your position. Be fair to your colleagues. Share the best values.

Tech leaders skills

A leader motivates

An effective tech leader can always find ways to motivate an employee. It is a mistake to set enormous requirements that can overwhelm others. No surprise that in a situation like that people may lose motivation. However, if you make your employees feel important, they will see their work is appreciated, and as a result, their commitment and willingness to work harder will increase.

You must find the 'golden mean'. Everyone needs different stimuli to stay motivated. For someone, a positive challenge to implement an ambitious project may work. Whilst for the others a friendly working atmosphere or appropriate remuneration will do the most.

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Tip: Meet your co-workers. Talk to them and, if possible, conduct a questionnaire. Ask them directly what motivates them to work effectively. In this way, you can accurately identify their needs.

A leader can make difficult decisions

How many times have you encountered a situation, when being the leader of a project, you had to face your team with a problem that was difficult to solve? This is one of the moments for a true tech leader to demonstrate the appropriate skills. Working under pressure and often need to take unconventional decisions may affect the final effect of the project.

Tip: Before beginning the project, you should analyze the threats. Take into account possible scenarios and not to be taken by surprise. Do not run away from responsibility. Otherwise, you may lose your team’s respect.

Communication in project

A leader communicates effectively

The form of communication in a team should be ordered in a way clear and understandable for everyone. Communication has a big impact on how the project works. If each member of the team will know their role and responsibility and the work will be sorted out - you will increase the chance for success.

Besides, remember that communication is not all about answering emails or other people's requests. At the same time, it is about sharing knowledge, important information, and sharing experiences within the team.

Tip: Before the project starts, meet with the whole team. During the meeting, propose terms of cooperation and form of communication. Make sure that they are clear and acceptable for everyone. In the case of a software project, use the known methods of project management. Scrum may come in handy.