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Software development in 2019. Overview of hot statistics

Stack OverFlow has published the latest report on software development in 2019. For the needs of this research, surveys were conducted with nearly 90,000 developers worldwide. We can learn a lot of really interesting stuff from that source. We chose a few of the most curious ones, which we are going to present in this article.

Stack OverFlow conducts annual research of software development worldwide. Developers, occupying different positions and programming in many languages, answer questions that allow determining their preferences, technologies they use and find out about current trends in the software development market.

  1. Python is the fastest developing programming language.
  2. Nevertheless, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language. The next places are hold by HTML / CSS and SQL.
  3. jQuery is the most popular web frameworks. Among developers, there is also a great interest in Vue.js and Ruby on Rails among developers.
  4. Over half of the respondents declare that they wrote their first code before the age of 16. Moreover, more than 70% admit that they did not graduate in the field of programming.

Programming Languages

  1. 32% of respondents declare that in the last year they have changed their place of work. On average, 1-2.8% of respondents decided on such a move 1-2 years ago.
  2. 24.5% of developers surveyed declare that they decide to work remotely several times a month. You can read about how to manage remote developers here.
  3. The biggest challenges associated with productivity are: distracting work environment, meetings and tasks unrelated to the development process.

Ruby on Rails

  1. The average tech salary of the manager is $ 95k. In the case of a developer (specialist) the sum is $ 71k.
  2. 74.7% of the surveyed developers declare that they are happy to read technical articles written by other developers. 62.9% are most interested in the courses, while 55.1% positively rejects the possibility of attending meetings.
  3. Among all the respondents, these are the Chinese developers who are mostly positive towards the future, believing that people born today will enjoy a better life. On the other side are the developers from Germany and France, who perceive the future of the industry in quite a somber light.

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