Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Building software for 50M concurrent sockets (10)
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Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Building software for 50M concurrent sockets (10)

In Krakow, where most of Codest’s devs are located, it’s currently sizzling hot with highs of 34 degrees Celsius (in the shade). There’s only one thing hotter than the weather - this week’s selection of articles. Let’s dive right in.

7 absolute truths I unlearned as a junior developer

By Monica Lent

When you’re a junior developer, at some point you feel like you know everything about not only your organization, but every other org in existence. Here’s seven things Monica was entirely sure of but turned out to be patently false.

Stimulus and RxJS for an SPA Like Experience

By Mike Wilson

Stimulus was invented as a way to add rather uncomplicated interactions to webpages in an expressive way - rather in the vein of Basecamp’s “JS sprinkles” than full-blown JS webapps. So here’s how to use it for the latter.

Metaprogramming: An Introduction to JavaScript(ES6) Proxy

By Tapas Adhikary

Tapas posits the thought that metaprogramming can feel genuinely like magic. Learning how to do it is also a great way to explore the innards of ES6, and we highly recommend taking that ride.

You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA

By Kevin Dais

ReCAPTCHA is probably the first tool a lot of us webdevs reach for in order to secure our websites from those pesky bots. In Kevin’s opinion, ReCAPTCHA is an entirely avoidable evil - go explore his thoughts.

Building for 50M concurrent socket connections

By Manas Chaudhari

The team at Hotstar was facing a common problem at a unique scale: how to scale up to roughly fifty million concurrent socket connections and not falter under the load? It’s a pretty deep dive with some amazing insights.

Bonus! “How to Design for the Web in 2019” is a scathing satire of the cardinal sins in modern web design. I find it rather ironic that it’s posted on Medium, itself guilty of at least half...

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