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6 reasons why a product design and development agency can improve your business

The awareness of the role of product designers and software developers in the process of building digital products is growing. We have been observing this trend for a long time, along with the increasing importance of digital products in the contemporary era. They force companies to plan agile and effective processes related to product design and software development. One of the solutions is to work with a product design and development agency.

Product Design

The power of JavaScript objects

The last few years have shown us that web development is changing. As many features and APIs were being added to the browsers, we had to use them the right way. The language to which we owe this honor was JavaScript.

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TheCodestReview #1 - weekly software engineering juice

It’s been a while since we have put a pause button on our weekly review of insightful tech articles, probably due to the overload of project works. Nevertheless, here we go again on a mission to find, review and deliver to you weekly highly valuable content for engineering leaders and software developers.

Software Development

Why Poland is full of qualified Ruby on Rails developers?

We have no doubt that Poland is currently one of the most attractive markets in the world, where you can find qualified Ruby on Rails developers. Why is that? We answer for this question.

Software Development

Product owner in a software development project. Internal or external?

Product Owner is a difficult and responsible role in the Scrum Development Team. It requires huge knowledge about the product and business approach, great communication, and organization skills. Such a bundle of features will increase the value of the developed product. A quite common practice currently is outsourcing the PO from the Software House, which at first glance might be controversial. Let’s check which choice seems to be better: internal or external Product Owner?

Software Development

Pros and cons of Ruby software development

While choosing a technology for their software development, many companies (startups in particular) are often drawn to those that are hype and famous. Meanwhile, they skip niche programming languages that are also worth considering and sometimes even better for specific products. Ruby seems to be considered a less popular choice, even though it has a lot to offer for product development.

Software Development

How to successfully build a MVP product? Lessons learned from our software development perspective

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach is a strategy for product development and implementation onto the market often chosen by startups (but not only them!). It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to save a portion of the budget, avoid making wrong decisions, and better adjust the product to market conditions and customers' preferences.

Software Development

The ugly truth about software development process

Misunderstandings and a lack of vision of the product that is being built within a software development project are very common problems in the cooperation between the client and the team responsible for the process. These threats have a direct impact on the results achieved and are often associated with missed deadlines and budget losses. See where these dangers may appear and how to fight them.

Software Development

How to effectively manage remote developers? The guide for CTOs

In the world, over 60% of people work remotely. This trend is especially noticeable in the IT industry. More and more developers appreciate the possibility to work remotely. Due to this current trend, one of the key competences of the tech manager become the ability to manage a remote team of developers.

Project Management

Python vs. Ruby? Which technology should you use for product development?

Python and Ruby are both the most widely used backend programming languages. Python is a bit more popular and has a wider application. However, Ruby also brings many benefits and is still the number one choice for many products.

Software Development

A quick guide to building and developing your own marketplace. What is worth to know?

Thriving marketplaces are generally viewed as a global phenomenon. Economic indicators in this sector increase every year. Over 40% of global e-commerce sales are expected to take place in marketplaces by 2020. In addition, we observe a record turnover in the e-commerce industry every year. Not without reason, another world brands are fighting each other in market share.


Build your product with PHP. What is worth knowing about this programming language?

According to the Stack OverFlow ranking, PHP is the eighth most popular programming language. It is used, among others, for creating websites and building web applications. It has been on the market for over 25 years and is constantly gaining popularity. What should you know about the PHP programming language? Learn more about PHP with us.

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