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How to Build a Digital Product from Scratch

For some of us, the product design process still remains a mystery. You might conclude that it consists of many indescribable and chaotic steps – it surely begins with product idealization and ends with product launch, but the middle part is basically a gigantic question mark.


MOM! He Blocked Threads Again!

“Don`t block the event loop…” – you've probably heard this sentence many times… I'm not surprised because it is one of the most important assumptions when working with Node. But there is also a second “thing” which you should refrain from blocking – the Worker Pool. If neglected, it can have a significant impact on application performance and even its security.

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How to Become a Junior Ruby Developer?

Have you ever wondered how to become a Junior Ruby Developer? As you’ve clicked on the title of that article, we can assume that you have! Let us guide you through the most important matters to consider on your way to land your dream job!

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How to Find the Best Product Design Services Company?

Nowadays, clients’ needs grow at an astonishing pace. In order to satisfy your customers and build a product worth their trust, you might want to hire a product design services company. What are the advantages? A well-versed team of specialists can quickly help you achieve your business goals in crafting your idea. This decision might be an amazing way to start building products your targeted group deeply desires.


A Simple Ruby Application from Scratch with Active Record

MVC is a design pattern that divides the responsibilities of an application to make it easier to move about. Rails follows this design pattern by convention.

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GraphQL Ruby. What about performance?

GraphQL, like any technology, has its problems, some of them directly result from the architecture and some are identical to what we see in any other application. However, the solutions are completely different.

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Rails and Other Means of Transport

Rails is a Rack-compatible framework focused on quick application development. Unfortunately, the "everything out of the box" approach and blind Rails-way behavior often cause the application code to lose quality, both in terms of its reception (readability) and operation.

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StimulusReflex – a quick way to create reactive apps – an introduction

What is StimulusReflex? Quite popular nowadays HTML over-the-wire approach led us to the creation of frameworks and libraries which send HTML over the wire instead of using JSON. StimulusReflex is one of them.

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An objective look at the library war: React vs Vue

The explosive growth of the web that has started about 10 years ago has caused great confusion in the world of the internet. Not only did it make it possible to do more things in the browser, but also changed the general view of application development. However, this approach required some improvements in maintaining the code of browser-based applications. This was the time of development of the first front-end frameworks. I will analyse two of them under the microscope today.

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5 Connecticut Startups on the Rise

Cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New York have always been buzzing with the startup scene. But what about New York’s neighbor, Connecticut?


Rails Development with TMUX, Vim, Fzf + Ripgrep

A few years ago, I was grilling with some of my friends, all Java developers. Not sure how it came up, but we started talking about our coding environments. I told them I’m doing all my development using Vim and terminals. It triggered some jokes and funny questions, like if I’m still using punch cards :)

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Ruby software development. What are the bang methods and when to create them?

Before we start creating a bang method, let's learn what exactly this type of method is and what its characteristics are. Let's start with the fact that there is no unambiguous definition of these types of methods. Simply put, a bang method is a method with an exclamation mark at the end.

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