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How to find the best team of JavaScript software developers? (UPDATED)

According to SlashData's latest survey conducted among developers, JavaScript remains the most powerful and popular choice, winning over other programming languages such as Python and Java. JS is commonly used for building modern websites and interactive applications.

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Top Programming Languages for Fintech Companies

When building a fintech product companies often face the dilemma of choosing the right programming language. Ruby, Python, Java or C - they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so the choice could be quite difficult. In my mind, you should decide on the technology depending on the area of your fintech product to choose the language best suited to your needs.

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Deploying Rails app with Amazon ECS

In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how to deploy a sample Rails app using the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

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How to start building your product from scratch?

Building a product from scratch is a big challenge. If you manage to develop a high-quality product tailored to the needs of your customers, it will definitely increase your chances of achieving your business goals. However, this is a very complex process with many threats. Let's look at the details and information to keep in mind.

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MVP: 6 Most Common Mistakes You Make

The process of implementing a product onto the market can be full of obstacles and failures of any kind.

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Top 5 Examples of Ruby's Usage [UPDATED]

Have you ever thought what are your options with Ruby, and where can You use it best? Well, sky is probably the limit!

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The Bulletproof CTO #3 Recap Is Here!

The Bulletproof CTO webinar #3 went down in history. But this is not the end, we are back with a juicy recap full of highlights that are definitely worth your attention.


A Quick Primer on Refactoring for Beginners

Perhaps I am writing about something obvious to many, but maybe not to everyone. Refactoring is, I think, a complicated topic because it involves changing the code without affecting its operation.

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React Keys, Yes! You Need Them, but Why Exactly?

Transforming an array into a list of elements with React is pretty straightforward, basically all you need to do is map that array and return the proper element for every array item.

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UX Audit: Why Should You Try It

The internet is an endless mine of websites and platforms. Over time, it may turn out that users don’t visit them as often as they should or at all. One of the major reasons for a website's mediocre performance can be its inferior functionality.


Why Should You Use SCSS Instead of Styled Components?

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a project for one of our clients. When I was at very beginning, I faced a choice of the library for styling.

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CTO’s Dilemma. How to Choose the Best Technology for Product Development?

With each product, we face many compromises and challenges that determine the future of the venture. However, it is the technology, or rather the choice of the technology, that is the most important dilemma because it affects all aspects in the future. In this article, I would like to present the conundrums associated with making such a decision.