Business thriving in Israel? Yes, it is! Check out promising Israel companies
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Business thriving in Israel? Yes, it is! Check out promising Israel companies

Have you ever wondered what the state of entrepreneurship is on the Israeli market? If not, take a few moments to see how large a potential this country has. I am referring to the level of development, the number of companies operating on a global scale and thriving startups emerging every year. And they are really plenty!

I have no doubt that the market in Israel is attractive and prosperous. Not without reason, this country is considered to be technologically well-developed. Many corporate headquarters are located there, even some big American companies. I have heard many times that Israel is a well-designed business ecosystem. I have to say that when I look at the number of companies and startups from this country, I have no doubt that such opinions are factual. In simple terms - Israel a great place to do business.

I would like to share with you my thoughts on this market by presenting the list of top 10 companies worth watching in 2020. I mention companies with slightly longer experience, but also a few start-ups that have recently gained funding and may soon penetrate the market.


Israel’s promising companies to watch in 2020


Founded: 2012

Specialties: content distribution, publishers

About Spot.IM: Their mission is to create exceptional technology that empowers digital media publishers in developing meaningful and monetizable online communities for their readers within the Spot.IM Owned and Operated web space. The enterprise’s software platform helps the world’s biggest online publishers form independent communities around their distinct content, quickly bolstering their overall engagement and social interactions. They connect millions of unique users per month, all across leading digital media publishers including Hearst, Sky Sports, Fox News, AOL, Uproxx, IFLScience, US Magazine, and many more. Spot.IM is VC-backed by Insight Ventures, one of the world’s most trusted and successful institutional investors. They are focused on growing their standout global team and product stack.


Founded: 2018

Specialties: cloud services

About env0: The company offers solutions that help you manage the environments in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in seconds. They give developers the power to create within policies that won’t slow them down. It is cost-effective, safe and profitable. You can also reduce waste by using only what you need. emv0 was founded by Grove ventures and boldstart.


Founded: 2009

Specialties: computer software

About TechFinancials: it is leading the revolution of tokenizing real-value assets by re-inventing the way blockchain is used to enable commodity trading. Their successful track-record of building unique and previously non-existent, proprietary, short-term volatility financial instruments proves their ability to deliver innovative products that generate real, profitable business.

TechFinancials use blockchain technologies, tokenization and smart contracts to enable the trading of real-world assets easier, faster, cheaper and in a more accessible way.

Israel companies


Founded: 2018

Specialties: financial services

About Melio: The company delivers an efficient Accounts Payable tool. It is a service that helps small businesses keep their business on the right track. Using Melio, you can pay any invoice with a bank transfer or debit card for free, or use your credit card to defer payment and earn rewards (2.9% fee). Vendors receive a check or a bank deposit. All of your businesses are gathered in one place. Sound interesting, right?

Juno Journey

Founded: 2017

Specialties: computer software

About Juno Journey: It is a professional development platform aimed to reach every employee in a unique way, increase their engagement, loyalty and, ultimately, boost company growth. Juno Journey provides a personalized experience for every employee and benefits your entire team. It enables, e.g., managing a personal business career, increased productivity, higher employee retention, delivering a personalized L&D Experience. All of these lead to corporate growth.


Founded: 2016

Specialties: analytics

About Simpo: it is a zero-configuration onboarding and support platform built for a digital enterprise. Non-software enterprises are building software more and more often. For their investment to pay off, their employees need to be able to effectively use that software. Simpo provides the onboarding and support layer made specifically for that use case, and the plan is out of the box.


Founded: 2018

Specialties: marketing

About Poloriz: it is a content discovery solution providing content recommendations about publishers and e-commerce websites and apps. It is based on a unique stories widget, transforming links into a story format. This new UI/UX content experience will enhance publishers and e-commerce websites revenue stream by producing a higher CTR and more engaged traffic.


Founded: 2013

Specialties: adtech

About Vidazoo: It is a video content and yield management platform. Founded in 2013, the Tel Aviv-based company focuses primarily on building smart automation tools to help publishers manage multiple video placements and optimize demand under the same platform. Its rich product portfolio includes an HTML5 video player, ad server, yield management platform, and most recently, a video discovery platform which saves precious time for journalists by auto-embedding editorial videos onto related articles in real time.

Fronented Report for 2020


Founded: 2011

Specialties: media and internet

About Cloudinary: this company provides an easy-to-use, end-to-end cloud-based image and video management solution for the world’s top brands. With offices in the US, the UK and Israel, Cloudinary has quickly become the top solution used by web and mobile application developers around the world to streamline image and video management and deliver an optimal end-user experience.

With Cloudinary, users can easily move all images, videos and other business-critical digital assets to the cloud and automatically perform smart image and video resizing, cropping, merging, overlaying, watermarking, apply effects, rotations and format conversions.


Founded: 2017

Specialties: Marketing

About Shopperr: the company provides an innovative solution for content creators and influencers that simplifies the process of making online product recommendations and commissions, while also providing an enhanced shopping experience for their followers. Shoperr makes it easy for anyone to participate in the affiliate market and earn money, no matter the level of their technical knowledge or the number of followers they have.

Anyone can start making money through online product referrals. Whether you’re working from home, building an online sales career, or just looking to earn a few dollars for your recommendations of cool products, Shoperr makes it easy.

To sum it up

You have to admit that the profiles of those companies look very interesting, right? To be honest, I really appreciate the specifics (idea, quality, performance) of these products. Success is within reach for those companies, so I recommend following their development. It may be worth the effort!

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