7 Startups & Scaleups that Will Shake the Marketplace Scene in 2022
Kamil Ferens
Kamil Ferens
Head of Growth

7 Startups & Scaleups that Will Shake the Marketplace Scene in 2022

Online marketplaces have been growing at an intense pace in recent times - nearly 300% every year according to Stripe. As the competition enlarges it takes more time and resources to become a steady player on the market.

There are a couple crucial factors that should be taken into consideration besides just an interesting idea: users deeply focus on the real purpose of your business, and definitely the quality of the overall experience.

Marketplace market 2021 in a nutshell

2021 has been an amazing year for marketplaces. As the pandemic made online shopping even more popular this industry started to flourish like never before. Just in the first three months of 2021, global VC investments in marketplaces have reached an all-time high of $28bn according to Startups Magazine. Investors have noticed huge potential in the marketplace industry and started to allocate their funds in e-commerce solutions.

Just in this year over 2.14 billion people were expected to make purchases online, what is more, this number is very much likely to increase! 2021 has shown to us the immense potential of marketplaces and how irreplaceable they will be in the future.

Top 7 that are likely to conquer the markets in 2021

Seeing so many innovative ventures I’ve decided to gather them all and create a list of top 7 startups that in my opinion have huge chances to shake the marketplace scene in the upcoming year.


Mintos is a licensed investment firm and a leading marketplace for investing in loans in continental Europe. Using this global go-to investment platform allows retail investors to allocate their money in a diversified way in income-producing assets to gradually build wealth on the long champ. Just in Europe, Mintos holds over 40% market share of investments in loans, making it the biggest marketplace of its kind in Europe.

CG Trader

CG Trader is known to be the largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models, the company include two interrelated business lines itself. The first one CGTrader Marketplace offers 3D models, it includes over 1,000,000 licensable 3D models, and the second - CGTrader Enterprise 3D Modeling is an online retailer and enterprise customers to transform their 2D product images into photorealistic 3D models. With thousands of well-versed 3D designers, CGTrade is accustomed to deliver 3D models in every complexity level and scale.

Back Market

The main aim of Black Market is to refurbish electronic devices. This company was one of the first players on the market who decided to fight the waste of electronic devices. They constantly strive for delivering more affordable, ecological and reliable alternatives to buying brand new products in order to stay kind to our planet. Their strong and environmentally crucial plan can surely win many votes as the Black Market wants to free our planet from economic waste and still make electronic devices less costly.


Raisin is an innovator when it comes to open banking in the deposits and investments space. This marketplace provides an open banking infrastructure for the global $50+ trillion deposit market that benefits banks and investors alike. What can it mean for savers? Increased decision power and more products to choose from! Raisin DS is on a mission to minimize the barriers for better saving solutions in Europe.


Oda is a Norwegian leading grocery store that has gained lots of recognition in their fatherland. As they are on the move we can expect the company to expand to other countries. We can expect an enthusiastic entrance of Oda to the European or US market as their aim is to deliver high-quality, affordable groceries and fresh produce to millions of doorsteps - it might sound challenging but they've surely discovered the magic spells of the industry. Using data-driven methodology, with a focus on sustainability all the way along the chain, Oda is on their duty to build an effective retail system in the world.


Agrando is undoubtedly Munich’s hidden gem. It’s a fully independent online trading platform for digital agricultural trade. The company focuses on simplifying the traditional trading processes and providing an in-depth market analysis that will allow companies of all kinds to remain competitive in the complex agricultural economy over the long term.

What makes this platform unique? The way this marketplace is being improved. Farmers cooperate with programmers in order to make the platform better and more suitable to clients' needs.


Packhelp as you might already tell by its name is a custom branded packaging company. Their team creates innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce retailers, brands, enterprises, and several other types of businesses. This platform takes a higher approach when it comes to sustainability - plastic has a detrimental impact on the environment that is why Packhelp offers eco-friendly solutions to stay green!


We can see that those companies have a bright future ahead of them as their purpose supports aspects important to the clients. As the potential marketplace industry tends to enlarge at an astonishing rate it can be just a matter of time till those ventures become even stronger players in the ecommerce world.

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