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6 reasons why a product design and development agency can improve your business

The awareness of the role of product designers and software developers in the process of building digital products is growing. We have been observing this trend for a long time, along with the increasing importance of digital products in the contemporary era. They force companies to plan agile and effective processes related to product design and software development. One of the solutions is to work with a product design and development agency.

This is a good option because having an in-house team is not always possible, and very often completely unprofitable and cost-consuming. The market has quickly found a solution to the growing demand for this type of services – it came up with product design and development agencies. How can this solution bring you profit and improve your business? I will try to explain it to you in this article. Check it out on your own!

Product design and development agencies have comprehensive knowledge

One of the greatest advantages of establishing contact with a product design and development agency is the access to their comprehensive knowledge and deep experience in the field of product design and development. If you have your own in-house team – great! However, it does not render the contact with an external product design partner pointless. Why? Especially in design, it is important to look at the product or ideas from completely different points of view. Such an approach allows you to provide more valuable insights and add even more value to your product.

If you don't have an in-house team, consulting your ideas with a product design agency seems like a natural step. This is where you will find experts in the field of UI and UX design, even software development. Yes, software development is also an important element of the entire process of product design consultancy.

Product design and development agencies warrant many benefits

Reaching out to a product design and development agency facilitates the work of a project leader who can focus his/her attention on conceptual issues and on other important matters. The entire design and development process is handled by the agency. You, as a project leader, simply control their work and make sure that everything goes as planned.

In addition, when entering into cooperation with a product design and development agency, you can hire a project manager who takes care of the project schedule, timeliness and other aspects that affect the course of the project. A comfortable solution, is it not?

What about costs? Is hiring a product design and development agency profitable?

Have a look at the table below. It presents the costs of employment of a developer, a project manager and a UX/UI designer in a few particular locations.

Software development rates

This should be a good illustration of the costs of working with a product design and development agency. You also need to take into account the fact that if you decide to build your own in-house team, you have to incur many hidden costs. It is not only the monthly salary of your employees – the overall costs also include holidays, onboarding, equipment, involvement of the HR department or the investment of your own time.

Therefore, apart from cost-effectiveness, cooperation with a product design and development agency is a wonderfully comfortable solution. You delegate all processes to an experienced external team and set the frequency of contact with them depending on your preferences.

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Product design and development agencies can share ready-made solutions

Experience – it is an extremely important aspect in the case of projects related to design and software development. This is another fact that increases the value of cooperating with a product design and development agency. You may, in fact, be able to significantly speed up the project because your external partner may have some ready-made tested solutions that they may implement in your project.

Also, bear in mind the experience they have gained while cooperating with other companies in your industry. It is also an invaluable asset. Imagine that your goal is an e-commerce product – you will gain much more if you cooperate with a product design and development agency that has this type of projects in its portfolio.

Short-term projects?

This paragraph refers to short-term projects that usually require a quick start and smooth work. In such a situation, as you can probably guess, it would be very problematic to build your own in-house team or to expand it immediately. Time matters! Therefore, finding a product design and development agency seems to be the most reasonable solution. You save the time and shorten the entire path as quickly as possible.

Building digital products requires close cooperating between product designers and developers

When building a digital product from scratch or developing an existing one, you must remember that the best work model involves close cooperation between the product design team and the developers. This approach ensures the highest efficiency and guarantees appropriate harmony within the project.

Therefore, it is important to plan all activities so that product designers and developers are in sync and closely cooperate with each other from the very beginning. By using the services of a specialized product design and development agency, you will be able to take advantage of the knowledge of both product designers and developers.

Conclusion: is cooperating with a product design and development agency worth it?

It depends on your specific case, obviously, but generally speaking – definitely! Even more so as there are many companies of this type on the market that already have years of experience and proven skills. Within their ranks, you will find real specialists who can increase the value of your product with their great work even more. And you will find out very quickly that you benefit from such a solution. Your business will flourish!

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