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5 Connecticut Startups on the Rise

Cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New York have always been buzzing with the startup scene. But what about New York’s neighbor, Connecticut?

New generation startup business owners are looking for new places to invest in talent and Connecticut comes up on the radar. Hartford and New Haven are bringing in investments as owners are looking for more affordable office space.

Technology today is one of the biggest sectors in the world’s economy. Connecticut is powering sectors such as MedTech, InsurTech, FinTech, and SportsTech. Check out some of the game changers below:


Tomo is a fintech startup that simplifies the challenging homebuying process. The incredible efficiency of tech-enabled real estate transactions and the team of elite professionals make this project definitely outstanding! What is also worth mentioning is the Tomo team’s philosophy they follow - Omotenashi, which focuses on meeting customers' needs before they are even aware of them.


Point Pickup Technologies is a tech platform that offers disrupting legacy transportation models that take care of middle and last-mile delivery. PPUP can proudly claim to be the only company to provide a single platform for both middle-mile and last-mile delivery options. Point Pickup Technologies supports a wide range of industries by offering services for diverse types of retail such as laboratory, automotive, and pharmaceutical markets, foods, grocery and many more


Hyperfine is on a mission to make MRI accessible to every patient regardless of their income and resources - anytime and anywhere. To make it happen they use Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System. How does it work? The device is being rolled directly to a patient’s bedside then placed into a standard electrical outlet. Everything is controlled by an Apple iPad. This solution is simple and what’s more importantly affordable. We can all foresee the success of Hyperfine in medical technology.


Butterfly Network is a digital health company whose aim is to make medical imaging universally accessible and affordable. As almost 5 billion people around the globe struggle to access basic medical technology. Butterfly Network decided to fight that problem by launching the world's first handheld whole-body ultrasound system. All of it is powered by just a single silicon chip on a handheld device connected to a smartphone. This device can provide a complete diagnostic imaging solution that is significantly more economical than traditional systems.


R4 is a real pioneer when it comes to cross-enterprise Al. Organizations from various industries choose R4 in order to enhance and unlock the potential trapped in and between enterprise silos, processes, and systems. Presently the R4 team is also focusing on helping large companies apply cross-enterprise AI in order to discover new opportunities and create several competitive advantages that the industry has to offer.

To Sum Up

As you can see Connecticut has lots of opportunities and potential. Those startups are still at the beginning of their journey but already thriving. Time will show how those amazing ideas and projects will flourish and shake up the startup scene in the US or even worldwide.

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