Dominick Kielbowicz, 2021-04-30

11 Boston Companies You Should Know about

Boston - the startup capital of the East Coast. Fueled by talents from Universities such as Harvard and MIT this city has huge potential when it comes to technology, biotechnology and healthcare industries. With nearly 700k inhabitants, Boston is home to roughly 2500 tech companies.

What’s interesting according to Statista as of March 2021, Boston came in third place for female-founded startups with a combined VC funding value of 1.4 billion USD runner up to NYC and San Francisco. Those companies definitely have lots of potential to hugely impact the future of tech. 

Seeing the immense development of East Coast’s startups, it is surely worth observing this scene. Check out our list of the most outstanding companies below and see what they are up to!

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1. Corvus Insurance

The first gem on the list is Corvus Insurance. This tech startup powers its successful commercial insurance products with an Al-driven approach and advanced data science to support policyholders and brokers to prevent and predict losses more efficiently.

2. Starburst

Starburst aims to simplify the accessibility of your data by offering a query tool based on open source Trino, which is the fastest and most efficient query engine. What’s worth mentioning is that it’s fully abstracted from the systems where you store your data. This allows you to run analytics on data whenever it lives - there are zero requirements of data movement and copies.

3. Superpedestrian

Superpedestrian is a Cambridge-based transportation robotics company that is on a mission to develop technology for micro-electric vehicles. Main goal of this enterprise in particular is to create solutions which will make automobiles more safe, reliable and increase their performance. In 2017 Superpedestrian launched their flagship product - the Copenhagen Wheel. It was fully set up on a vehicle intelligence system that took Superpedestrian’s engineers 4 years to create.

4. HqO

HqO is an operating system that aims at powering tenant experiences for commercial office buildings. What’s compelling HqO is active in over 7 countries around the globe. This enterprise’s potential has been recognized by many tech awards due to its unique analytics suite.


WHOOP focuses on creating health measuring products in the form of a bracelet. Their most popular invention Whoop Strap 3.0 helps sport enthusiasts to track their sleep, workout intensification and the way how the body recovers after a labour. WHOOP’s functionality is mainly based on heart rate and HRV by using LEDs and photoplethysmography to get those measurements.

6. Robin

Did you ever have a problem finding your colleague at the office? Robin found a solution for that! It's the first available workplace platform for office space management. It’s commonly used to manage hybrid work and improve the overall organization and order of the office. With this app, employees can mark their presence, book a conference room, and many more!

7. Botkeeper

Botkeeper was designed to provide accounting firms of all sizes with automated accounting support. How does it work? This highly advanced software integrates various data sources while applying several processes, calculations and rules, creating dashboards and custom reporting.

8. Pear Therapeutics

Pear Therapeutics uses the unique combination of biology and software technology to create the next generation of therapeutics. The main target of this startup is to discover and develop clinically validated software-based therapeutics to assure the patients with more in-depth diagnoses and beneficial solutions.

9. Drizly

Drizly is the world's largest alcohol delivery platform. The service is provided through an app and a website. By cooperating with local retailers Drizly allows their users to order their favorite alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to their door in 30 to 60 minutes.

10. LogRocket

LogRocket focuses on the user's behavior path by capturing logs and session recordings from your app. In that way, you can notice any bugs and more complex problems faster. By combining performance monitoring and product analytics Logrocket is an ideal product to empower software teams.

11. Onapsis

Onapsis is a cybersecurity startup that protects the business-critical applications that run the global economy. Their platform delivers the finest actionable insights, automated governance, and continuous monitoring for platforms that are prone to cyber-attacks.

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Final Words

Boston’s startups have a bright future ahead of them. Rapidly developing industries paired up with talents from nearby Universities are just a few reasons why this city is worth our attention in terms of enterprise development. Who knows, maybe some of those hidden gems listed above will revolutionize the world one day.

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