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Why opt for .NET?

Ever explored LinkedIn or Stack Overflow? These applications share a common foundation – they're all powered by .NET. This versatile framework caters to diverse domains, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and gaming. Moreover, it excels in cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, IoT, ML, AI, and cloud computing. .NET has remained a steadfast force in the programming world for years, persistently adapting and evolving to keep pace with the dynamic IT landscape.

Cross-platform compatibility

NET Core, a subset of the .NET framework, enables developers to create applications that run seamlessly on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, simplifying deployment and reducing development costs.

Robust security

The .NET framework provides a range of built-in security features, such as role-based access control, code access security, and secure communication tools, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and safeguarding applications from vulnerabilities.


.NET provides excellent compatibility with other languages, platforms, and technologies, making it easier for developers to integrate existing systems. This flexibility allows for a more efficient development process and broader scope for innovation.

Modularity and maintainability

The .NET framework promotes a modular architecture using a package management system called NuGet, which simplifies dependency management and enhances code reusability.

Mature and stable

.NET has been around for more than two decades, ensuring a stable and reliable framework for building applications.

Rapid development

.NET's extensive set of libraries and pre-built components allow developers to quickly build feature-rich applications, reducing development time and accelerating time to market.

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Quality of our .NET expertise

The Codest .NET virtuosos are adept at producing clean and superior code to drive your project forward. We recognize the significance of delivering first-rate programming skills and services when constructing digital solutions that empower our clients to dominate the market. We are confident that our top-tier .NET developers, with their meticulous attention to detail, can contribute to your project's triumph.

A fast and well-prepared process that suits your needs

Time is a valuable resource for all of us and we don’t want to waste it. That is why we’ve designed our onboarding process to be fast and efficient. This way, you can seamlessly focus on your project while adding quality minds to your in-house team. Only 4 steps separate you from incorporating Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PH, QA and DevOps talents to support your project!

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Discovery call (1 hour)

Let us get to know each other and talk about any engineering challenges you might want to overcome.


Shortlisting engineers (2 days)

After learning all about your project needs, we are ready to collect suitable talents to join your team.


Technical & fit verification (1-2 days)

Then we hand a list of candidates over to your team. In that way you will be able to choose relevant engineers and screen them on individual tech calls.


Agreement & Project kick-off (2 days)

Lastly we confirm starting dates and sign a formal agreement to secure the terms for a successful cooperation.

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Our clients & partners about us

I must admit that The Codest has been providing us with a qualified backend engineers team who did their job without any complaints. They have worked on launching a new platform on top of an existing e-commerce platform.

Giedrius Rimkus

Engineering Manager at Kesko Senukai Digital

They are honest, straightforward, and solution-oriented. The collaboration was fruitful as The Codest Ruby development team was able to produce a more optimized platform that increased sales and retention rates.

Peter Muntenau

CEO at Yogobe

The Codest produced high-quality deliverables and their React and Vue developers implemented an excellent work ethic. They're effective communicators and transparent in their estimations. Professionalism and company culture are hallmarks of their work.

Jakub Krzych

CEO, Estimote Inc.

The Codest software development team has provided web development and migration services for an online forum and community. The work they’ve done has been great. I’ve worked with other companies from around the world and what makes The Codest stick out is that they’re professional and make themselves available all the time.

Julie Lacoppidan

Partner & Director, Min-Mave

The Codest's developers made qualitative improvements to our software development process, showing great development skills. They were professional and proactive without being overly intrusive. They were also organized, available, and talented, providing the client with a positive experience.

Marco Iotti

CTO, CSO & Co-Founder, Mixfit Inc.

The Codest software development team helped us on multiple projects. On the one side, they helped shape up and build a whole new service that makes our product process verifications faster. Additionally, they helped us with staffing our internal API team to maintain and support our clients.

Mathias Klenk

CTO at Passbase, Germany based startup

We hired The Codest engineers to fill our need for web developers for our apps. Their developers communicated well and provided us with quality code.

Romain M.

Lead Developer, Fintech Company

The Codest is playing a vital role in our digital transformation projects. Their flexibility and adaptability in meeting our unique needs were not just impressive, but also genuinely beneficial, helping us navigate through numerous challenges and changes with ease and efficiency in our Adtech solution.

Marcin Siemko

IT Director, AMS - OOH advertising market leader in Poland

The Codest has been instrumental in our digital transformation at Pixie. Their flexible approach and commitment to our unique needs are second to none. Amidst a variety of digital hurdles, they've offered unparalleled support, their staff augmentation services being particularly notable, enriching our teams with specialised skills. Truly, The Codest has proven to be a fantastic partner in this endeavour.

Celso P.

Founder & CEO at Pixie

We discovered that we could cooperate with The Codest in a very good way - both when it comes to development and strategic business issues as our platfom was at its initial stage. So this is what happened and we have brought in goods ever since.

Thomas S.

Head of Platforms (acquired by Bonnier News)

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