We are The Codest - a custom software development company

“Hello world” app is usually the first thing to do when you get to know a new programming language. And there is no better way to start The Codest story.
Are you ready for a short ride through The Codest history and want to get to know us closer? Good!
That is how The Codest has evolved!

Beginnings aren't easy

It was just like that in our case! Our story starts in 2009 as software development company that has been called AdTaily. We were a small team of five programmers who assisted in the development of adtech solutions for Yieldbird which is one of the leading programmatic monetization companies in Europe.

We were a pack of passionate developers who had a lot of fun with what we did every day. I had a lot of satisfaction because I felt we are creating a new quality in the Ruby community in Poland.

Survival of the fittest

We were developing very dynamically at that time. This has led us to creating Codest in 2014. We were part of the Agora Group which is one of the biggest media groups in Poland operating among others on the printed, digital media and adtech market. We built a comprehensive IT solutions not only for adtech industry but also we became a fully funtional software development company specialized in building digital products for e-commerce, SaaS and fintech clients.

Over time we have developed and scaled up as a Ruby on Rails and Javascript development company. It was a time of extremely rapid growth. We have worked with companies from all over Europe. On top of that, we have contributed to our partner’s Yieldbird success - being listed on the “Technology Fast 50 Central Europe” rank by Deloitte. The only certainty in business is change. Following that principle, we have unmounted from Agora Group and became a fully independent company.

It was a very good period of dynamic growth for us as a software development company. However, we made a decision to separate ourselves from a large corporation. We wanted to create our own independence and a strong Codest brand. We took a market opportunity and became an independent product development company. We have very ambitious goals ahead of us and I’m confident our team will achieve them together

In code we trust

The year 2020 has become a new opening for us. We have changed our business development strategy. We want to be the first choice for companies and startups that are serious about digital transformation and keeping up with rapidly changing reality. We formed a synergical team whose primary goal is to care for high-quality code and build digital tech products from a simple idea to MVPs and comprehensive solutions. We believe in the enormous potential of such programming languages as Ruby and JavaScript which are our DNA, but we also keep our fingers on pulse by growing our Python and PHP expertise.

Our values

  • Passion

    Our passion for programming manifests in the care of the highest quality code. We want to create amazing products, so there is no place for cutting corners. Our team gets the job done in the best possible style so we can add value to our clients and help their businesses grow.

  • Involvement

    We don't aim to be a passive team who only deals with tasks delivered by the client. This is not in our nature. We prefer active involvement by advising, suggesting best solutions and taking the initiative when necessary.

  • Partnership

    Because we want our clients to see a real and friendly tech partner in us on a daily basis, not just any software development company that is supporting yet another project delivery. We are flexible and we strive to adapt to the individual needs of the client.

  • Transparency

    No secrets, honesty, clear communication, and cooperation hand in hand with the client. This is what makes us stand out.

  • Efficiency

    We work in accordance with the best practices in developing IT projects. We are Agile advocates who strongly believe that an Agile approach gives us the greatest efficiency. Want to find out?

  • Focus

    We form a well-coordinated and committed team who understands the client's key needs and challenges both on business and technical level. This allows us to tackle each project with greatest care and attention to details.