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UX Audit: Why Should You Try It

The internet is an endless mine of websites and platforms. Over time, it may turn out that users don’t visit them as often as they should or at all. One of the major reasons for a website's mediocre performance can be its inferior functionality.

In such a case, it is strongly advised to conduct a UX audit to make sure that your app is intuitive enough and encourages users to use it. There are two common scenarios that you are likely to encounter. The first one is having a well-versed UX designer in your team that can provide you with an UX audit. If not, it might be a clever idea to reach out to a product design services company that can thoroughly help you examine the problems.

What is an UX audit and how does it works

To understand this aspect better, let’s focus on the real definition of User Experience and learn how beneficial caring for it may be. To be exact, UX is perceived as a relationship between a product and how a user exploits it. Cognately, UX designers are the creators fully devoted to building a product that someone can easily use, enjoy and launch to fulfill their objectives. The entire process involves several steps, such as branding, integrating , acquiring the product as well as designing usability and functions. Why is it so crucial? If your website is vague and unintuitive, users visiting your platforms will simply get lost and not express their intentions, for instance in the form of conversion or purchase.

The verification of a website’s navigation, graphical aspects, forms, or event fonts can highly influence your overall platform’s usability. As a result, you get answers on what your platform is missing and what should be improved.

How to conduct a UX audit

Firstly, set goals for your UX audit . In other words, what do you want to achieve after conducting one? Depending on your platform, it can either revolve around boosting conversion, increasing the number of newsletter subscribers, or minimizing the number of questions issued to your customer service department. Then, you might want to find out what type of tools are available and how your target group looks like. Next, UX designers would usually conduct service analysis by using heuristic methods, cognitive walkthroughs, or usability checklists. Besides that, UX experts examine the users’ behavior with the use of website action recordings and heat maps to fully understand the users’ journey. Based on drawn conclusions, you can define the weak points of the website and see what needs improvement.

Content usability testing is another crucial step in the UX Audit process. The main goal of this action is to check if the content available on the website is adequate to the users’ needs. Based on all the gathered information, UX experts can create mock-ups of a given platform with already implemented changes and solutions. In most cases, the last step would be to conduct A/B tests - some use version A of a website and the other half use version B, then UX results of both are compared to choose the best one.

UX  audit steps

Why it might be worth to conduct a UX audit

There are a couple major benefits of a UX audit. The most important one is verifying the real reason behind your website’s failure, such as lack of interest, decreasing number of visitors. As you learn what’s not working, you are able to modify your website based on set goals.

The cost of a UX audit may be placed on a pricier side, yet still it is surely worth it. Invest in real UX professionals - hiring a random company that is willing to provide you with UX audit services at much lower prices than their competitors should be a red flag. The risk of wasting your finances and time as well not realizing previously set goals can be significantly increased such a decision is made.

What’s also worth knowing is that UX audits can be also implemented on the project concept stage, not only for a working product. If you have a UI designer on your team, hiring a UX expert might be a beneficial idea as such a person will check your project and eliminate any mistakes before final launch.

Sometimes the UX audit results suggest that the whole platform needs to be redesigned, which demands professionals help. If you decide to choose external UX services, website designers are usually at your service and ready to increase the satisfaction of your users in terms of website usability.


UX audit is an investment that can solve many issues with your business. As you discover what fails in your website, you can invest your funds in the right way and fix what really needs to be changed instead of blindly paying for new features that don’t bring expected results. Make sure to do an in-depth research while choosing your UX services company and strive to create a website of your clients’ dreams!

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