Magdalena Klimza, 2021-03-17

Is work just about money? How to find motivation for day-to day effort in the IT industry?

I wake up at seven in the morning every day. An hour later, I start working. It can be hard sometimes to do it five days a week. Here something called motivation comes in. Everyone is motivated by something different. Most often it is money, right? However, if we start each day thinking only about earning, it will soon turn out that we quickly lose strength, joy and... every drop of motivation.

Why am I writing about this? I have worked in various industries, for various companies. Sometimes closer to the clients, and sometimes further from them. Some time ago I came to the conclusion that money is not the most important thing for me in my daily work. If that were the case, I would burn out very quickly and my day-to-day tasks would no longer be fun. 

So, it is important to feel good and comfortable in your workplace because we spend a significant part of our lives there. It does not matter if the office is filled with golden doorknobs and gadgets, because the heart of a company is its employees, not interior design.

I have been working at The Codest for over half a year. I do not want to imply that it is perfect here, probably every job in the world has its flaws. Everyone is different and does some things differently, but I have a feeling that I have come to the right place – one where I can develop, meet and work with cool people. As simple as that. 

Because what matters is being human 

Based on my experience at The Codest, I want to draw attention to the positive values that a company should (or maybe must?) provide from the employee's point of view. Above all, I like the fact that our organization is not a corporation. The individual approach to each employee is astonishing. 

The employer understands my needs and problems, sees how I can be helped and assists me in setting the path of development. Just say a word and the company helps you achieve your goal or solve the problem. As a result, any employee who receives such help wants to give as much as possible in return. Honestly, it's not that obvious to many employers. I know this from my own experience. 

It is not always rainbows and butterflies 

Sometimes we suddenly feel worse. We don't deliver the results, work gets more difficult. There can be many reasons for this, both professional and private. At such times, I can also count on The Codest. The company tries to find the optimal solution. It could be a switch of projects, arranging another person to help, a longer vacation to sort things out. Dismissal is a last resort here, used only once all other possibilities have been used up. 


I think I'm just lucky and found a nice environment where people help each other. This is also the company's credo. When we get stuck on a task, we can count on our colleagues. There is no such thing as secret knowledge here. It happens in some companies that when someone holds a mysterious way of doing something, they keep it to themselves so that nobody can surpass the master. 

At The Codest, when others find out that they can teach someone something, they do it with great joy. They know that if one person's competencies increase, the entire project will run much smoother. 'Dev meetings' lasting for about 40 minutes are organized every two weeks. This is when everyone interested can listen to a colleague who has prepared a presentation on some area of programming. 

Thanks to this, we can learn something new. Knowledge exchange truly is a cool thing. In addition, each employee has a real influence on the formation of the company. Ideas, even the simplest ones, are welcomed and analyzed. Thanks to this, we all feel that we co-create this company, not only follow the bosses. 

Information flow

Everyone knows perfectly well what is happening at the company. Every week, we summarize the previous 7 days on a joint channel on Slack. You can follow the company's progress on an ongoing basis. Every month, a joint (remote) meeting is organized to summarize the last one. This is a good time to both learn about important events and ask questions. 


Although we mostly work remotely, you can feel the team spirit. We have a virtual coffee every week (it's a 30-minute break from work when we can engage in a little chitchat :)). 

What all work on a joint project. If someone succeeds, we are all happy about the success. There is no room for jealousy here. Also, no one takes credit for other people's achievements and if someone has done something important, it is emphasized and appreciated. 

Remote work

Whoever wants to works remotely is allowed to do so. Honestly? This model suits me very well. I don't waste time on commuting so I have more of it to myself. I set up my home office where I feel good. It's also cool that if I want to meet with other employees, then… I can do it. 

The Codest has a hybrid work model, which in my opinion is the best solution these days. I fully understand that some people hate working from home, so it's a good thing they're not forced to do it. However, most people prefer to work remotely and that's exactly what they do. We choose what we want. 

What about motivation?

I would like to give you an inside-man perspective on everyday work at The Codest and the approach to employees that I personally appreciate. I believe that companies should move forward with the times, take care of their employees and meet their needs. 

This approach translates directly into their motivation. Now I have no problems with getting out of bed every day and I haven’t wondered "why am I doing this?" for a long time.

How about you? What do you think about the current situation on the labor market and the treatment of employees? I leave this question to you.

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