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Interesting software development facts. Do you know about that? [2021 UPDATE]

The software development industry is one of the most dynamically developing ones in the world. Demand for IT services, especially those related to** software development**, is that huge that nowadays there is a lack of qualified developers on the market. This is just one example of software development industry’s potential. What else should you know?

Based on our experience and the data from the most interesting reports, we have prepared a subjective list of the most interesting software development facts that we want to share with you. We present anecdotes, data, figures – everything that can become a hint and an inspiration for your software development projects.

Shall we start?

Check out our list of 9 interesting software development facts

  1. Research shows (made by that one of the biggest and most burdensome challenges for software project leaders (CTOs, Tech engineers, Engineering Leads) is the team’s capacity in relation to the number of tasks in the backlog. The respondents argue that although developer teams achieve high work efficiency, they still need more hands at work.

This fact suggests that companies often face the challenge of rapidly expanding their software development teams. Two solutions dominate: outsourcing services to cost-effective software development companies or opening internal recruitment.

software development challenges

If you are interested in working with an external software development partner, check the average rates divided per geo localization below.

Software development rates

  1. Over 50% of companies that use software development to develop their own products declare that they have used or benefited from outsourcing their programming. They choose this option due to both high-quality guarantees and cost-effectiveness.
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  1. According to the Stack OverFlow study, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in 2020. The next places are occupied by HTML / CSS and SQL. Technologies such as Ruby, Java and Python have maintained a stable position over the years.

popular technologies 2020

  1. Scrum is the most often Agile Software Development methodology in 2020. You can see a clear advantage of this approach to project development if compared to other methodologies. Kanban is second. Interestingly, as many as 17% of respondents indicated that they do not use Agile methodology at all. How does it look like for your projects?

Agile software development

  1. Jira is the most-used tool for managing software development projects. This is pointed out by almost half of the surveyed people. Trello is second most popular. In the case of communication tools, Slack (58.66%) wins, followed by e-mail (45.06%), and then Jira (26.32%).
  2. As many as 76% of the companies surveyed in the Coding Sans report admit that they allow their employees to work remotely. These statistics undoubtedly reflect the prevailing world trend. In the coming years, we should expect an even greater importance and popularization of remote work. And who knows, maybe some companies will soon decide to transform their organizations into fully remote enterprises. Time will tell.
  3. GitHub was indicated by 43% of people as the control system they use. was chosen by 20%, while 16.70% indicated
  4. The fact that 60% of the respondents declare that they prefer in-person meetings when it comes to communication regarding project milestones, releases or deadlines may be seen as a considerable curiosity. Nearly half indicates the use of tools that allow them to manage and track tasks.


  1. On average, there are five job positions per one developer. This trend shows a huge demand for programmers and this shortage is clearly visible on the market.
  2. Nearly 15% of surveyed companies declare that unrealistic expectations regarding projects in development cause the most frequent delays in work. About 14.52% of the respondents pointed to improper estimations, while 12.21% of companies admit that, in their case, incorrect specification of goals caused the main problems.


I am curious about your opinions and whether you agree with the above facts. Personally, I have to admit that many of these results coincide with the practices that we use every day at Codest (as we are a software development agency. So, if you have your own thoughts, or if you disagree with something, please let us know. We are happy to talk!

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