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Jakub Jakubowicz

How to keep your software development team productive?

If you manage a team of developers, this article may certainly interest you. Maintaining high productivity and the commitment of developers to each project is a big challenge for every tech manager. In theory, everything seems simple, but in practice, it is not necessarily an easy task. I have prepared some tips that will help you increase the productivity levels of your development team.

#1 tip: Unleash creativity

I think this is one of the biggest challenges for tech leaders who manage developers. You must know that they are very intelligent, well-educated and demanding people. Many times I have encountered the situation where a developer has told me he wasn’t happy, when he had worked on a boring project for months and was still doing the same tasks. This is about falling into a routine that limits creativity and irritates your staff.

This factor certainly has a negative impact on productivity. That's why I think that developers should have as much freedom as possible. Let them actively participate in projects, and do not reduce their role only to implementing tasks imposed on them in advance. This is how Scrum works. Developers choose themselves tasks they will work on. We do not impose anything.

Unleash their creativity. Give them the opportunity to come up with new solutions and look for challenges in the project. Remember to set them ambitious but achievable goals. Also, avoid a corporate atmosphere that many developers may simply not respond to.

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#2 tip: Have one-to-one meetings

Do you have a problem with your developer? Do you see that he is dissatisfied and his productivity is falling? Regular meetings are the best opportunity to discuss any problems and find a solution if necessary. It is also a good time to talk to your employee about his development, ambitions and - even better - match that development path in the company. Believe me, this approach is beneficial.

#3 tip: Don't lie during the recruitment

During the recruitment process, developers usually ask about the type of projects they will work on. They are interested in many details because not every product developed by your team is what they really want to do. Therefore, the overriding principle is to always provide accurate information where possible. If you are not honest, and the developer is dissatisfied at work and quickly decides to leave, you will only lose time.

#4 tip: Share a knowledge

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Over the past few years, I have noticed that the amount of remuneration is not always the deciding factor for a developer’s job satisfaction. The opportunity to develop and acquire knowledge is increasingly important. If you create the right conditions, you will see for yourself that your staff appreciate it and are more involved in their duties. It is a good idea to allocate a special training budget for the development of your developers. We adopted this strategy at Codest and it works very well. Another training method is internal workshops run by the most qualified people in your team.

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#5 tip: Appreciate

Let your developers know that what they do makes sense and their work is really important. If you appreciate that they have done a good job or successfully completed a project, give them even greater freedom in subsequent projects.

#6 tip: Create comfortable working conditions

At this point, I would like to refer to remote work. This is undoubtedly one of the current trends in the technology industry. The ability to work from anywhere, with no need for daily commuting to the office, is another of the benefits that developers appreciate. If you can provide them with remote work - do so. In this article, you can read about how to effectively manage a team of remote developers.

Final comments

I am convinced that having a committed and productive team of developers is a treasure that every manager dreams about. There are many factors to take care of to make this possible and I have listed some of the most important ones here. These are the rules that work really well at Codest and I can fully recommend that you implement them in your organization.

And - finally – one more remark. Be agile. Manage your projects in accordance with Agile methodology, and then undoubtedly your team will increase its productivity. This is the best way of effective software development for every development team.

Good luck!

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