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Time for The Codest! Our crazy rebranding story

Here we are – The Codest! We have been rebranded – it was months of hard work for the whole team, from analysis, to concept, to the tedious development process. But we made it happen. We are pleased to present to you The Codest! Our software development company opens a new chapter. Fully satisfied with the results, we want to share our crazy story with you.


A few tricks to speed up your JavaScript application

With the advancement of browser technology, web applications have begun to transfer more and more logic to the front-end, thus relieving the server and lowering the number of operations it has to perform. In basic CRUDs, the role of the server comes down to authorization, validation, communication with databases and the required business logic. The rest of the data logic, as it turns out, can easily be handled by the code responsible for the representation of the application on the UI side.

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Ways to increase your Rails performance

Despite its numerous advantages, Ruby on Rails is still considered to be a relatively slow web framework. We all know that Twitter has left Rails in favor of Scala. However, with a few cleaver improvements you can run your app significantly faster!

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TheCodestReview #4 - weekly software engineering juice

They say time flies fast when you are having fun. For me personally, the fun part is especially important in everyday startup and business growth ride. It makes me enjoy myself no matter how much of my inner energy resources are eaten out by week to week hustle.

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Facts and myths about cooperating with external software development partner

Hiring an in-house team vs. looking for an external software development partner... Quite a popular dilemma in the IT industry, isn’t it? Both solutions have their pros and cons. While searching the internet and talking with companies from all around the world, we have noticed a lot of repeatedly appearing myths about working with software houses.

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How to write a good and quality code?

Writing a nice, well designed and good looking code is not as hard as it seems to be. It requires a little effort to get to know the main rules and just use them in your code. And it doesn’t have to be like everything at once, but as you feel comfortable with one thing try to think about another, and so on.

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The biggest challenges with custom software development

You will repeatedly find that as many as 50% of custom software development projects fail. This age-old problem is a nightmare for many CTOs and tech managers. On the other hand, advance warning means you can prepare yourself and your team and minimize the risk of failure.

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TheCodestReview #3 - weekly software engineering juice

Hello and thank you for coming over here to check the 3rd episode of our TheCodestReview series. That means a lot to us and hope it will be a time well spent.

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Interesting software development facts. Do you know about that? [2021 UPDATE]

The software development industry is one of the most dynamically developing ones in the world. Demand for IT services, especially those related to** software development**, is that huge that nowadays there is a lack of qualified developers on the market. This is just one example of software development industry’s potential. What else should you know?

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How to improve Vue.js apps? Some practical tips

Vue is a rapidly growing progressive framework for building user interfaces. It became the JavaScript framework with the most stars on GitHub and the most highly starred project of 2016 and 2017 on in the same portal.

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Agile project management. When Scrum does not work?

Agile methods, such as Scrum, have become very popular and commonly used in many projects within the last years. Not only for its simple principles, but just for being ‘trendy’. Most companies that want to be innovative choose Scrum as the method for developing their product, which rarely goes hand in hand with success. That problem often stems from the project type or just the lack of an appropriate mindset within the company employees. Let’s think for a second about situations when Scrum is not the right approach for the product development.

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TheCodestReview #2 - weekly software engineering juice

Hello and warm welcome in the 2nd episode of our TheCodesReview series. This week we have focused on quality in software engineering projects, the importance of frontend architecture and transition from technical to operations leader and what it takes in the remote setup times on the example of Dailymotion.

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